Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Blessings and Love to All

Well this is Christmas, and what have we done, another year old and a new one begun.. in the words of the famous John Lennon.

This year has been filled with happiness, joy, achievement, blessings and achievements. It has also had many sadness's, with friends and loved ones passing away. I am saddened at the death of Danise Challis, a true hero and warrior against cancer. She lost her battle last week, having a massive stroke. She was an amazing lady full of courage (against all odds) an had such a positive attitude, right up to the very end. She will be missed by all who loved her and enjoyed her creativity, she was featured in several editions of CE and was one of our heroes.

On a great note, A Place in the Sun, (books and designs) is ahead of schedule and should be out around the 8 January, 2012 in Australia and 22 January in the US - don't miss out on this fabulous book. Also don't forget to view the video, which is up and running on our web site:

I have just returned from Brisbane, to attend dad's Christmas Party. This is always a bitter/sweet experience for me, as I spend most of the time crying, however there is joy as well. When one is coming to the end of an amazing life, sometimes it deals us a hand we would never have chosen, but like the Christian gentleman my dad is, he never complains and is still gentle and sweet.

My nephew Niki, was presented to the Supreme Court and admitted to the bar - very proud moment for everyone. All in all I had a wonderful time in Brisbane with my only sister and her family.

I attempted to post picture to this blog, but for some reason they would not upload as pictures, rather just a ton of codes. So I am not fighting with the computer right now so pictures will have to wait till next time.

From all of us at Team JH, (Simon, Laurie, Robbie and me) we wish you Christmas blessings and only health and happiness in the New Year. Our office will be closed from the 23 December and reopen on the 16 January, 2012. (We will check our emails however and have a skeleton staff.)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 Academy Graduates Gallery open to public

Well today was Graduation Day for the 90 2011 Online Jenny Haskins Academy of Accredited Tutors - blue ribbons for everyone who completed the eight projects in the allotted time to become accredited! We also had four Masters who completed all 19 Academy Projects Congratulations to all, you are now soaring eagles!

The Members Gallery has now gone Public for all to view

This is a must see, so once again Congratulations to all our graduates, so if you are looking for great teachers, this is where you look.

We are all so proud of this group of graduates and have just announced that we will be repeating this course early in 2012 as well as our first Quilting Academy later in 2012. Dates will be announced early in 2012.

Take a peek you will love this gallery and delight in what our amazing students have achiever.

Team JH

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back to reality and exciting new products

I trust you have all received our flier about all our new products- this is sooooo exciting. Nine new design collections that include not only the designs but the directions to make the projects that are pictured on the front cover - you want more? Well there is more. We now have six videos on our site for the following:
1 Perfect Bliss
2 Fiesta
3 I Need a Little Christmas
4 Quilt-a-magic
5 A Little French Chic
6 I Feel Pretty

Create along with me as I guide you step-by-step through these projects - with the directions and the designs on the Special Edition design collections and now Videos so there is no excuse for you not to soar with the eagles! I hope you enjoy these amazingly easy and fun projects.

And yes for those who want a little more you are catered for also.

Bit under the weather today as I am having a tooth inplant and my dentist visit was quite harrowing. Took two hours to get the root out of the bone with a lot of tugging - bit off with the fairies today. Pain killers are my best friends at present!

Will hopefully have pictures for next time, so in the meantime go to to see all the new products and to download the. Keels.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

The things we do for a show!!! Houston is over and now home!

Well Houston is over for another years . We all had a ball and the show was a great success. Way to go team JH/RNK!!!

The things we do for a show (and in honor of our, Australian Melbourne Cup horse race) click on the link below and ihave a giggle!,

OK now stop laughing.

We had a great show and are now heading home tomorrow morning - Sydney Summer , here I come with an advanced Hawaiin Tan!!

Last day in Houston and then home to Aussie

Well here we are at the last day at Houston! So good to be well and catch up with all our fellow quilters and embroiderers, it has been a blast. So much fun seeing people in my workshops (three a day no less) converted to the gospel of 'just because it is beautiful; it doesn't mean it is hard'! Everyone went a way with a smile in their eyes and a new belief in themselves that they could do anything.

I cannot wait to see what comes next in the world of quilting and embroidery. In the meantime we are off home tomorrow with so many exciting ideas new concepts to keep in touch and keep everyone busy, so stay tuned to your email blasts so you do not miss out on our future plans - very exciting times we live in.

Please don't get used to these frequent posts, by the way, but it has been my mission to keep everyone posted while I am away - holiday or not.

I am having a love affair with my iPad, just love love it! Am also getting used to the touch key board.

Now on with the show.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wow what a show we are having in Houston!

Well we are half way through the Houston Festival. The winning quilts are breath taking as always with the artist simply amazing! I always feel humbled by the talent and creativity.

The Jenny Haskins stand is a hive of activity being crowded to over flowing. Our work shops are full to over flowing and everyone is so busy that lunch breaks are a thing of the past, we are lucky if we get a 'potty break'. We are all having a blast, so if you have not come by the stand make sure your do, the discounts are simply amazing!

Simon's Quilt-a-magic is center stage along with A Place in the Sun, so make sure you order both along with the 12 new Special Editions. Amazing thread and stabilizer specials so get ready to stock up.

Have had lots of wonderful customers popping by to say Hi we love seeing our loyal supporters. Thank you for your support and custom.

Must go another workshop to do.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Congratulations to our over 90 JH Acadmey Graduates!

Well how proud are team JH of our first online Academy graduates. They are all amazing and so talented and guess what, we have four graduates who passed with honors having completed all 19 projects! We are just so proud of our team of eagles who are soaring high!

Hawaii is now a very happy memory and I cannot wait to go back, Simon said I can go twice a year!

Well Festival is about to start and team JH is so excited, come and visit us on stand 614, and talk with Simon, Paula, Debi, Susan and Margo, we would love to see you. Me, well I will be showing you everything new and giving some wonderful tips as to how to quilt no hands on a domestic machine. This you will love.

Also keep your eyes peeled for the 2012 dates for next year's online Academy of JH Accredited Tutors and our advanced Academy dates for 2012 as well! Yes we plan to keep every learning and flying high.

Also remember the Jenny Haskins division of RNK and SVP or looking for education/sales consultants, so if you would like this exciting career, email me for details.

Well off to the show, I did not get a chance to see anything at market so will try to look at festival.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Catching up at Houston

First day at Houston Quilt Market. So exciting to catch up with old friends like, Norman Foster, Lewis Carney, Erica (of Erica's in South Bend), Jeannie Miller, Jane Nesbitt, Kim Novak, Tom Justic, Barbara Sunderllage, the girls Creative Machine Embroider (more on that later)'! Met Nancy Snider for the first time which was lovely, Hans Martini is over here as well along with Joanne Wearing from Australia.

Our revered leader Clifford Wallach is charming everyone as always, and Mr. Brooks and his beautiful wife are as gracious as always. Paula and all the girls are hard at work and in general we are all enjoying show casing everything new.

My poor Simon has lost his voice already and has gone to bed.

We have unveiled our latest creations including A Place in the Sun along with 12 new special editions. As you can hear life is full and busy and I have to sit in the lobby to post this because you are all my 'babies and I have to love you'!

Another day tomorrow and will keep you all posted.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trying again my IPad is on vacation too!

Now my IPad and I have made up we can catch up!

I had forgotten what a holiday was like and have already booked to come back to Hawaii next year - yes I am having the best of times. Tanned relaxed and almost ready for Houston!

I have just sat on the beach every day, swam and read my E-books. Simon is leaving today and me tomorrow (sadly). We are both looking forward to Houston and catching up with our US friends and sharing what we are doing, new concepts and promises of things to come.

Will keep you all posted.


Sitting on the beach watching the time pass by....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Clearing off my desk and more archive pictures!

Cleaning up again and I found more pictures, these two are of my daughter Sam when she was around 17. The top one is of her all dressed up for her year 12 formal, the class went on a cruse on the Sydney Harbour - she was wearing my Fantasy Cape (I am sure she dressed up for me). Being a tom boy (having two older brothers) the picture below is how she would rather dress. I think they were supposed to be studying rather than goofing off. Do you remember these days Sammie?

Well I am finally closing down my computer for a month!! I cannot believe it, I will have withdrawals I am sure - never mind am taking my iPad with me. We all have been so busy in our studio, making over 20 videos in the last couple of weeks. Our Academy members are going well with 36 who have already completed their required 8 projects and two who have finished all 19 projects, three weeks to go everyone! We have designed and ordered the badges as well as the certificates, so the end is in site.

You will notice that we have instructional videos for Perfect Bliss, Fiesta, Quilt-a-matic, Sandy's Oriental Express and I need a Little Christmas up on our web site now. Simply click on the more button and then scroll down to the bottom of the page that opens and download the video. With all the directions (coloured step by step pictures) and designs on each CD along with an instructional video in which I guide you in making these projects - anyone can now work from home and achieve any of these quilts in their own time and space!! What more could you want - and no I am not making one for you.

A Place in the Sun our exciting new book, due out Dec/Jan is at the printers and you will just love the quilt and our latest technique - an entire quilt quilted and embroidered in the HOOP!! And yes we will have video on our web site for this also when the book comes out

We are also working on our Creative Magic site on our web site - it will be an interactive site that everyone can be part of taking advantage of 21st century technology. You will be part of the Jenny and Simon studio when it becomes a reality show - more coming.

Until next time, I will be on the beach in Hawai!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some days it doesn't pay to get up and take the cat off your head!

Hey Norman (Foster) remember this - long time ago, but at one of the many Pfaff conventions we worked so hard at.
Guess who above - left to right - Laura Haynie, Bambie Greer, yours truly, Jane Nesbitt and Eileen (sorry babe forgot the last name, please forgive me). This was in Denver I think!

I have been trying to up date my blog for over two weeks now, and every time I get all the pictures up and ready to go - it won't upload. Try again and the same things happens again. I then had the brilliant thought to try my iPad - you can see the results, only a heading was uploaded! If this posts it is by luck more than good management as this is my third attempt once again!
I have been having a big clean up in my life lately and found these archive pictures I thought I would share with you - they date back to my Pfaff days, and thought you might have a giggle as to how things have changed.
One more thing, visit our website: (after the 16th to view our latest set of three videos to help you with Fiesta, Quilt-a-matic and I need a Little Christmas - just like having me in your sewing studio.
I will not push my luck, and try and post this blog finally. Am off to Hawaii on Sunday for 10 days and then on to Houston for the quilt show - hope to see you there.

Third time lucky!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Academy Graduates to Date and Home News

Well how do you like our three new Special Editions - aren't they bright and festive!

All of us at Studio Jenny and Simon have been hard at work, trying to keep your creativity satisfied and busy. These three new Special Editions will be out at the beginning of October, so make sure you place your orders so you will be first to enjoy these spectacular editions.

Quilt-a-matic is a quilt a 1-2-3-4 quilt:
1 Quilt each square in the hoop -all three quilt layers fearless quilting
2 Cut on the built-in cutting lines (no tiresome measuring required) and then pieced with 3 3 Piece with the Jenny Join for perfectly flat seams
4 Bind the quilt

Easy as one, two, three, four - finished!

I Need a Little Christmas Advent Calendar - again easy as 1, 2, 3, 4
1 Quilt each square in the hoop - all three layers for fearless quilting
2 Piece the tree with the Jenny Join - perfectly flat decorative seams
3 Embroider and attach the hearts and star - Embroidered Decoupage Technique
Pipe and bind your tree

Coming out just in time for Christmas!

Fiesta is another quilt by Simon - glorious colors, luscious fabrics and spectacular colors

This quilt is embroidered directly onto the fabric, it is easy and pucker free - we show you how and for anyone who loves embroidered quilts this is a must.

Now for the amazing Academy Graduates - we have 13 graduates to date - congratulations to the following:
Jill Wilcox - she has made all 19 projects - Yahoo Jilly- already an estabilished teacher
Shirley Budwig
Jeannie Miller - has classes already booked
Tricia McKenzie
Michelle Kratzer - she has made several each of the projects as well as others way to go Michelle, already an established teacher
Heidi Thayer - despite two broken legs she was one of the first to finish her 8 projects - a real trooper- teaching inspite of this!
Brenda Heidooen
Judi Archibald
Linda Seeman-Kort - has classes already booked
Debbie Fultz - who is also a JH Educator for RNK
Pamela Thompson - has classes booked and very excited with this new adventure
Terri Lowery - (works 64 hour week but still has finished her eight projects)
Cathy Letson

This is everyone to date - many already have classes pre-booked and all are soaring with the eagles! If I do not have a comment by your name it is because you have not share with me, so please do, we are all interested in your fabulous journey.


As well as the above, I have finally finished A Place in the Sun it looks amazing and I will share the cover with you in my next blog, I can't give you everything at once.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

What's New and What's Coming!!

Well this is my forth attempt at posting this blog - oh how I hate technology sometimes it is just so fickle.

Well Simon is at Baby Lock Tech in St. Louis and this is his latest quilt finished - Fiesta - it is simply glorious and you will love our next Special Edition when it comes out later in September.

Also we have been working on a Christmas Special Edition - I Need a Little Christmas now.. Christmas Advent calendar - so quick and easy with all the quilting done in the hoop for you - with little Embroidered Decoupage (r) heart pockets - looks beautiful.

Also I have finally finished the instructions for A Place in the Sun what till you see what is in store for you in this book - the very first quilt completely quilted in the hoop and pieced with the Jenny Join for perfectly flat seams - even a dedicated quilter will not be able to tell how it has been done - you are going to just love this technique.

We have lots or more exciting things coming up for our creative followers - speaking of which our Academy finishes next week - wow what a creative ride this has been and the attendees have made such amazing projects - even more that one of each. So if you get a chance to learn from any of theses talented ladies, then do not miss the opportunity they are just the best.

Till next time and I hope I can post this blog - nearly put bog as it truly has bogged me down!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jenny and her team move on from Creative Expressions


All good things come to an end, and after eight exciting years, the inspirational team behind the magazine Creative Expressions with Jenny Haskins have decided to move on. Jenny will no longer be the editor of Creative Expressions, and we would like to thank all our supporters (readers, contributors, advertisers and consumers) for their loyalty which we know you will continue giving us in our new venture. It has been a great ride and now it is time to move in a new direction. With this in mind, stay tuned for an upcoming 21st century approach to multi-media, when it comes to machine embroidery and quilting. We are all so excited and have been working on this concept for some time! Our motto is and always will be:

If you throw your heart over the fence the rest will follow! So follow your heart and join us as we all jump over the fence in a new direction.

Speaking of exciting ventures - wow how good was our first webinar for our online Academy - don't forget members this is up in your site on for you to replay at your leisure if you missed it, or you just want a recap. By the way Simon forgot to press the record button, so you miss my welcome and the first voice you hear is Robbie's but that is beautiful and expresses all our sentiments.

Sandy's Oriental Express Special Edition design CD is now out and ready for shipping, you will just love this quilt and designs and it is for anyone who has never made a quilt before, this is the one for you, it is just 'sew easy' with all the designs being created using Jenny's Embroidered Decoupage (r) technique. As with Perfect Bliss this Special Edition design CD is supported with an instructional video for you to view and upload - please wait until Friday the 4 August when it should be up on the web site.

With great expectations,


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

'It's my party and I will cry if I want to! More Academy pics and Sandy's Orient Express!

Well today is my birthday - thank you to everyone who sent me wishes for a happy day - by the way the words in the title of the blog, are from a song I remembered as a teenager - see first memories in last memories out - not sure if that is good or bad. Yes I can remember what I had for breakfast and what I did yesterday and am practising counting backwards from 100 by sevens - to help us all out here it is: 100, 93, 86, 79, 72, 65, 58, 51, 44, 37, 30, 23, 16, 9, 2 well I did it in my head but just checked it with the calculator - guess what got them all right! Also know that Julia Gillard is the Prime Minister of Australia - now what does that say about our glorious country?

Question: What would you attempt if you knew you had no chance of failure? Answer: Make my first quilt - Sandy's Oriental Express quilt!

Below is a picture of our next Special Edition design CD - Sandy's Oriental Express - Sandy is my friend and she came to my studio once a week for a year - she travels so it was not 52 days, however this is her first quilt and she loved making it and said it was so easy. A great quilt for anyone who has never made a quilt before! All the embroidered applique uses my Embroidered Decoupage (r) technique and so there is no chance of not having a perfectly wonderful quilt!

This Special Edition will be released in August - stay tuned for your email blast!!! Retail price $50 plus tax.

Academy News:

Well Elaine has done it again with two more projects finished for the Academy - she is just so excited. This was her amazing start, she is now off to NZ for a holiday and then into hospital for knee surgery - have a great holiday my sweet friend and all the best for the surgery - I know you will be taking your sewing machine into hospital with you if you have your way! By the way Elaine, Heidi is close on your heals - she has finished three projects as of today - and she wants to start teaching in October - way to go Heidi.



Am off now to finish editing and then out for dinner - I trust everyone born in July will make a choice to have a fabulous life. Happy Birthday to us.

Jenny (one year closer to my use by date!)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Online Academy first projects FINISHED!

I thought it only fair that I share what Elaine, from Aussie, has already finished towards her accreditation to become a Jenny Haskins Accredited Tutor! How good is she, like an eagle soaring out of sight. Above and below are pictures of Elaine's Wisteria Floating Diamonds Blouse front view and back view below. Not only did she complete her blouse but taught her sister Shirley also!

Now that is an over achiever!

Below are Elaine's Twin Needle Shadow Work Guest Towel and her Sapphire Applique Doiley, they are beautiful as is she.

Well Elaine has put out a challenge to all our academy students, you don't have to wait for the 1st of August, start when ever you wish, Elaine went by the printed directions, power point and our video (even though we repeated one part in the Floating Diamonds Blouse- Elaine said it just endorsed what she had to do! She was being very kind however we doubled up on part of it and re joined the video in the wrong spot - we are learning also.

Thank you Elaine for sharing these with us, I know you will inspire many of our students!

Now I can hardly wait to see who will be out next student to send in pictures!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Place in the Sun and Accreditation up date

Robbie and I have been up at our beach retreat Toowoon Bay, doing photography for our next book - even though it was winter the sun was out and the surf was up (but the wind was cold)! Honey and I were all rugged up against the wind!

In case anyone is under the illusion that photography and styling are glamours, thought I would share a couple of candid shots, Robbie took when we were doing the photograph for A Place in the Sun!

Our latest quilt - A Place in the Sun has just been finished by Robbie. It and the designs will be in our next book of the same name so this is something to anticipate as it is another brand new technique, Magic Quilting, that every machine embroiderer will absolutely love as the whole quilt, blocks, sashing, center medallion, and borders are all done in the hoop - including quilting (and it is a double sided quilt as well) - it is simply Magic!

I will tell and show you more next blog!

My girlfriend Sue Armour emailed me this picture (that she took many years ago) she found of my darling little boy Simon - and thought it only fair that I share it with everyone!

Simon is in the US at present! No he is not working ratherB he is playing in New York - I am working at home and sick also so the above photo is pay back! Here is is around six/seven wearing clothes we brought back from our first trip to Hawaii ! He was such a tiny child and his pants are short, because I had to get small size much less than his age so they would stay up on his tiny frame!

By the way Simon will be at BU, next week so he will be doing a little work, so if your are going look him up he has heaps of new things to share with you.

Now about our Academy - it is full to over flowing - all the Accreditation packages have been sent! This has given Laurie a bit of a challenge and many hours at the post office, but they have all gone. You should have recieved email advice that your packages have been sent. In Australia I would think everyone has recieved theirs by now as they went by Express Post. For the US the packages went registered airmail post - they Aussie on time, but alas the US post is a 'tad'slow so usually it takes around two weeks from the date of postage! As for Canada, it is in God's hands! So as soon as you get everything, you have homework to watch the videos, power point and read the directions for the eight accreditation projects! You will turly be sick of the sound of my voice by the time you have watched four hours of videos! We are all excited over here in Aussie and I have already had feed back on the packs with some students staying up until the fell asleep watching the vidoes!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Perfect Bliss Video is Live!

Glorious day today - the sun is streaming in my office window - and yes it is Saturday and I am working!

As promised the Perfect Bliss Video is live: click on the more button which takes you to the Perfect Bliss page. Scroll down to the bottom o the page and click on the Download Perfect Bliss Video.

This is a zipped file; you have a choice to save it or open it to view it on your computer. Make your choice and if you choose to unzip it and view it on your computer, then select this option. It took around three minutes to unzip (it is a 42MG) file. The video is around 20 minutes and not only does it show you how to embroidery Perfect Bliss but also gives you great stabilizing tips.

So sit back and enjoy our presentation.

Friday, June 17, 2011

I am on Twitter (@jennyhaskins) and CE 31 is finally out!

CE31 is finally out! It is worth waiting for and you will just love, love, love it! Here is a sneak peak at the contents just to wet your appetite!

Can you believe it - I am on Twitter! Trying to keep up with the latest technology. So if you want to follow me you can on Twitter by searching for @jennyhaskins. I would love to hear from you.

Speaking of technology, you all should have received your flier about Perfect Bliss, the response has been simply amazing. Also if you are a consumer and have not had an invitation to Maragaret's webinar with Simon on the June 21 then email her: and get registered, Simon always has amazing things to show you and talk about. On June 27 we have a wholesale conference webinar and if you are or looking at becoming a Jenny Haskins retailer or are already one, then you must attend this webinar, Simon and I will be talking about our latest products, designs and up coming quilts, along with marketing techniques and fun ideas to help keep your customers coming into your store. Email Paula: to register.

Simon is busy working on our Academy Videos - there are four hours of them, so this will keep our registered participants busy once they get their academy package. (This is longer than War and Peace!) The Power Point presentations for each project is Simon's project for next week.

Also on June 24 we should have our Perfect Bliss Video (around 20min long) up on the web site for you to download. In this video I guide you through the use of templates (using Template Magic Printable Sheets) and Block Layout Diagrams for the combination embroidery in Perfect Bliss. You will learn how easy it is to achieve wonderful large embroidery designs even if you have a smaller hoop - but wait till the June 24! We will send out an email blast once it is up.


Monday, June 6, 2011

How good am I, this is my second blog for the month!

It is my task to answer product enquiry emails and I must confess most of them are about how to use products and techniques. Although domestic hoop embroidery has been around for at least 20 years now, we are constantly getting new converts to this amazing craft. Gone are the days when we consumers were happy with boring 'place and plonk' designs, rather creative machine artists are looking for more exciting and challenging techniques and this is what Simon and I specialise in! If you are one of these artists then the Jenny Haskins Online Academy of Accredited Tutors is for you! Simon and I will cover all our techniques, products and creative ideas in this amazing opportunity to work directly with us. We have a detailed step-by-step PowerPoint presentation for each of the required accreditation projects as well as a video with Jenny guiding your through each project, not to mention webinars (which will be recorded should you not be able to be on line at the time of the webinar). The stress of keeping up with a class and perhaps learning a new machine are removed as you can use your own machine and complete your projects in your own time in your own sewing studio - Simon and I are just there as your personal coaches! Add to this there are special discounts on products for those who register for the Academy as well, what more could you want? So make sure you check out: to see what you are missing out on!

And yes I am in trouble again - I let my blog followers know about Simon's amazing new quilt Perfect Bliss - I now know you love this as much as I do and Peaches who he made it for - she is a totally pink person.

The exciting thing about this quilt is that because of the inclusion of the Block and Center Medallion Layout Diagrams (included on the CD) for you to print in actual size to be used in conjunction with Template Magic Printable Sheets it is like having the actual quilt in your studio to position you placement templates over for perfect placement which can be used for the 200mm x 360mm and 200mm x 200mm hoops for perfect placement for these glorious designs. For those who have the 350mm x 360mm the designs can be done in one hooping (how lucky are you that Simon has already combined and color sorted these designs to fit your large hoop.

Next week we will be having a Video on our web site showing step-by-step how easy the above is to do, so make sure you check out this video.

So till next week your have plenty to think about and plan.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Perfect Bliss - Latest Quilt and Academy!

Well here it is the first day of June, and first day of Winter for us in the southern hemisphere and wonderful Summer for those in the north - lucky you, Summer is my favourite time of the year.

Well as always we have been working hard on Simon's Perfect Bliss quilt as seen above. It is absolutely spectacular and was made as a gift for our friend Peaches' 40th birthday - she just is such a pink girly girl.

Simon has literally spent over a month perfecting the designs which he has made for the 350mm x 360mm, 200mm x 360mm and 200mm x 200mm size hoops, so everyone can make his Perfect Bliss quilt. Not only has Simon created the designs to fit these three hoop sizes, but he has created 'actual size' PDF's of the designs for each block and center medallion which can be printed (in black and white or colour) and then the pages stuck together to form a design placement graphic, in actual size, to be used as a guide for placement templates to be accurately placed over. This ensures that you have accurate combination templates to be placed over each block to be used as embroidery placement guides.

Once again as with all our Special Editions, we have all the directions and pictures to make Perfect Bliss as well as 180 designs (adaptable to the three hoop sizes) on the CD along with lots of step-by-step pictures so it is easy for anyone to follow. How wonderful is Simon sharing his talent in such a way as anyone can achieve glorious large embroidered blocks in such a user-friendly way.

Hi to all our registered 'Accredited Academy' ladies - we are so excited and happy that you have chosen to do this course on-line - we are all in for a fun time. I will keep you posted on special offers and things to do prior to the first webinar by personal email as well as in my blog - yes I know I will have to do it more frequently than at present!

By the way, CE31 is running a bit late (especially in Australia) and we are expecting it here in the next week and in the US before the end of June - thank you for your patience, trust me it is worth waiting for.

I am now off to work on my next project - A Place in the Sun quilt - this quilt will make it possible for everyone to not only embroider and applique like a pro, but quilt as well - this will be our next book!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Academy, Wins at Paducah and more!

Oh boy am I in trouble - little did I think when I mentioned the up coming Jenny Haskins on-line accreditation, did I think anyone would read it let alone click on the link! I awoke the next morning (after posting my blog) to a frantic email from my web master saying: 'Please tell me you did not post the link for the academy - the web enquiries has just gone off and I am not ready.'

On top of that both Simon and I have received emails as well as the Jenny Haskins products web site in the US. Whoops sorry everyone and thank you also for your over whelming interest.

The link will be active on the 20th May and you will be able to register at that time until the 15th of July, at which time registrations will close as we have limited space. We also have to allow time for everyone to receive their JH on-line AAT package and to do all their homework before the opening Webinar on 1st of August.

We are obviously as excited as you are and look forward to sharing all our knowledge with you in the up coming months. So thank you for forgiving me and you will receive an email blast once the registration link is active.

Congratulations to Frieda Grischowsky on her third place award in the longarm/midarm machine quilted class in Paducah this year with her Sharman's Vintage Garden Quilt and also to Ken Berg for an honourable mention for his Summer Wine quilt.

I believe there were only four machine embroidered quilts accepted into this prestigious quilt show and two of them won awards - this is just fabulous and the two quilts look glorious. The work in these quilts is quite amazing (and Simon, Robbie and I are only too well aware of the time, effort and talent it takes to complete them) - this is quite a feat in itself, with the awards being the icing on the cake.

Incidentally both of our books, (Summer Wine and Sharman's Vintage Garden) are still available, so if you have not purchased these books (which include all the designs to make the quilts plus much more) you are missing out on a treat, they are real value for money.

The May Webinar with the Jenny Haskins Educators was held this morning and it was great to talk with Paula and her team. These amazing women are some of the most talented and creative in their field, (machine embroidery and quilting) in the industry, being trained by Paula (along with Simon and myself) in the many uses of stabilisers, battings, threads, embroidery and quilting techniques. In a time when machine companies are pulling back on education, the Jenny Haskins team are forging ahead keeping avid machine artists motivated, educated and inspired with fabulous new design CD's, projects, products, techniques, threads, books and magazines. Email: for more information on up coming presentation chedules so you too can be part of the ever evolving world of machine embroidery and quilting,

Trusting I am now forgiven,


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where did April Go and our first On-Line Academy

Where did April go - it just seemed to be there and then over and when I check my last posting I noticed that I totally did not recognize April at all. Our major project in April was getting everything ready for our first JENNY HASKINS ON-LINE ACADEMY OF ACCREDITED TUTORS. This has involved days of video taping, elaborate Power Point presentations, printing, photographing and heaps more - this has taken up most of our time in April. How great is it going to be for you to be able to become an Accredited Jenny Haskins Tutor and not have to travel or work under pressure - and not only that all the teaching preparation for your future class will be done for you - all you will have to do is keep the class in order!

April is one of my busiest months with over six family and friends birthdays, and this year in Australia we had an extra long Easter as ANZAC day holiday was tacked tacked on giving us nearly a week off. Simon arrived home from his six week tour of the US, Zoey turned one - how quick that year has gone, my nephew Niki had is 30th birthday, (he has just returned from Cambridge England from a three year scholarship and Sam (my daughter turned 32.

The most important birthday however was my dad's he turned 98! That was another long week-end out of April. I went up to Brisbane to see my dad, sister, Niki and Cri (my two adorable nephews) and Katherine - Niki's beautiful Canadian girl friend. This is my sister Sue and my beautiful Dad - 98 years being the most perfect person I know.

Another exciting thing was that Harvey had his first sleep over with Simon (Dada) and me - we had a fabulous time up at Toowoon Bay, and my gorgeous little friends Britt and Kyle looked after Harvey like little guardian angels.

Robbie, Simon and I have been very busy in the studio also with three new fabulous techniques on their way - you are just going to be blown away by them - will give you some teasers in my next blog - and yes we all will live that long!

More news in my next blog - promise it will be this month!

My daughter Sam is in Boston US at present, (having just been to Vegas and then she is off to NY - all shopping stops. She is having a ball and getting some well deserved R&R.

Robbie and I are working on CE 32 - due out Aug/Sept - and then it will be Christmas - and me another year older - won't talk about that it is too depressing!

Well that catches us up a bit, and will promise to have pictures for my next blog.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

While the Cat's away the Mice do Play!

Simon has now been touring the US for nearly six weeks and I know many of you reading this blog would have been to his fabulous classes. He celebrated his 34th birthday while over in the US and I he was so excited at seeing everyone once again. The VDTA was a resounding success along with Puyallup where our 3D Embroidery Magic designs and technique were the success story of the show along with Sam's Love Hearts and the beautiful Windmills of the Heart patchwork quilt.

So while Simon has been away, Robbie has been up north with her three beautiful granddaughters doing what all Nanny's do and that is spoiling them and I have had two lots of house guests. One was very special Catherine - was home from Switzerland for a visit - she used to be my children's nanny when they were little, so it was great to catch up with her again - we refused to discuss our ages - but her twin boys are now 18, so neither of us could pretend we were still in our 40's - bother!

Thank you to everyone who was so patient with us waiting for the 3D Embroidery Magic design CD's and Krinkle Magic to arrive. We were waiting on the Krinkle Magic, which was totally sold out and had to wait two weeks for it to arrive, so make sure you have plenty on hand as it is such an exciting technique.

CE 31 is complete, and off to the printers, it is another great edition and we have modernised the design a little - it is quite fun and funky and we hope you will like it.

Simon is busy planning another great technique quilt and I am in the throws of planning another applique quilt - quite different - both of them are so this is something to look forward to.

Little Zoey is doing really well, and getting to be quite the chubby bub and you cannot put anything within a tiny hand's reach or it is gone!

Robbie and I did manage to get a little quilt finished while Simon was away but that was all! I will show it in my next blog - two other great techniques.

This year is literally flashing by in the twinkling of an eye, so remember to make the most of every moment and remember, life is a journey not a guided tour, so don't miss the ride and have a great time whilst on it.

Till next time,


Sunday, March 6, 2011

We have been getting creative

Thought you all might like to see what we have been doing for the past few weeks. Simon has been away on his teaching tour of the US. First stop VDTA in Vegas - where he launched a lot of new exciting products - the response was amazing with our 3D Embroidery Magic causing quite a a stir along with Sam's Love Hearts and Fabricabra. You can see his class schedule on our web site.
Robbie and I have had lots of fun creating a wedding theme using designs from the 3D Embroidery Magic as well as really stylish jewelry accessories.

In Australia fabric flowers are everywhere, especially attached to beautiful necklaces. These are a few of what we have been doing, along with head bands, hats, purses, bracelets, hair clips and shoe clips - the list is endless.

I believe CE 30 has finally hit the US, so if you have not ordered or received yours make sure you do and not miss out on the wonderful new projects and ideas that are in it. Us well we have just finished CE 31, it is looking pretty good - but enjoy CE 30 first.

Simon and the JH girls have just finished the best show ever in Puyallup - it was just the best show ever, so there will be lots of creativity going on once all the consumers get home. It is always a very very busy show and this year is no exception, to congratulations to everyone and thank you for all the hard work.

Simon had a hands on class and lots of lecture demos as well as his Embroidered Decoupage class - all went well and Paula had her Make-it-and-take-it Krinkle Magic class. It was literally magic when the participants saw their flat flowers spring into 3D life. Patty was the stabiliser queen, making sure everyone had the correct stabilisers to get the most out of their embroidery.

A wonderful time was had by all.

Robbie is off for two weeks, to see her three beautiful grand daughters, and I have had my beautiful 'little sister' (who was my children's baby sitter when they were small) visit me for a week from Switzerland - we had a wonderfully busy time - leaving both of us exhausted but happily so.

On that note I am off to bed, my baby Honey had her 6th birthday today along with my sister Sue - at her age 'discretion is the better part of valour'.

See I am getting better, not even a month and here is another blog.


Friday, February 18, 2011

I am so sorry for being so slack - will try harder

Family Christmas and holiday pictures: Top left - my 97 year old dad and my sister Sue at Dad's Christmas party. Top right my beautiful grandaughter Zoey in Noo Noo's Christmas dress.

Bottom left: Harvey and Noo Noo swimming

Bottom right: Beach babe Robbie at Toowoon bay.

I know it has now been nearly two months since my last post and am so sorry. Simon and Pattie have been nagging me and again Erica you were right, but I am hanging in there. I truly do have some good reasons for not keeping my blog up to date. My computer was broken when I was at the beach, we had a funeral and then Simon was back from Fiji, and we were back in full swing. Maybe you will forgive me if I tell you what we have been doing:

1 Finished Fabricadabra and sent it out This is a glorious quilt by Simon and the CD has all the directions (like a book with fabulous photography and pictorial step-by steps you can print), on the CD along with all the designs. This quilt and design CD introduces Magic Seams which are 1/4in seams embroidered in the hoop. The cutting lines give you an exact 1/4in cutting line for piecing, taking the stress and time away from measuring cutting. You will be blown away by how easy it is to piece this quilt.

2 Finished Sam's Love Hearts and sent this out. This is a Premier edition includes all the new designs to make the Windmills of the Heart patchwork quilt along with once again the directions ( you can print these out as a book). If you have never made a patchwork quilt, then this is a good one to start with as it is Robbie's first one and as she says, 'If I can do it, anyone can!' The designs feature multiple applique as well as buttonholes in the hoop!

3 Finished 3D Embroidery Magic - another new technique that enables you to embroider a flat design (using Kringkle Magic) in the hoop along with a fabric. Again full step-by-step colour directions are included on the CD and CE 31 will have the directions for this amazing quilt. 3D Embroidery Magic will open a whole new world of creativity for you. Fabulous for clothes and home decor too along with Magic quilting designs as well - you will be so excited! The flowers spring into life before your eyes and the quilting puffs up giving amazing texture!

Simon has also finished three more fabulous quilt - that's for another blog and Robbie and I have nearly finished CE No 31. We have done all this in a month and now Simon is over in the US on tour for six weeks. Go to our web site for his schedule.

Had a beautiful Christmas and holiday period with my family and friends, so many ideas flashing through my mind also. I hope some of you joined our webinar the other day - we had nearly 1,000 sign ups it was so exciting talking to everyone. Also welcome to Janome and Elna dealers who are now carrying the Jenny Haskins range of stabilisers, books, magazines, threads and design CD's welcome to our world of creativity.

Well I have now been writing this for and hour and a half - been interrupted with a phone call and the pictures take a while to up load. Have lots and lots to to tell you in future blogs, but before I go I would like to welcome my nephew Nicky home - he won a scholarship to Cambridge England to do his PHD and is home in Brisbane, bringing with him his partner, a Canadian beauty by the name of Katherine - welcome to Australia Katherine I cannot wait to meet you.

Promise it will not be so long next time,