Thursday, June 19, 2014

Pressed Tin Wall Paper Decorating

Webinars are now over for the month of June! Thank you everyone who sent us such great comments on how much they had learned and how much fun they had! We had fun also and explaining the download projects - 'Double the Luv' double-sided quilt and 'Cool Machine Disguise' (sewing machine cover) reminded me of how much Robbie and I enjoyed making these projects, so we hope you do too!! If you missed the webinar here is the link: you can view it on our website.

Now to my exciting new project. I just discovered 'Faux' Pressed Tin. It is actually a wall paper, that just looks like pressed tin - which I just love. And to prove we all assume no matter how much experience we have, my wall paper guy - who is just so nice by the way, was having problems and just came and told me that he he was putting the paste on the wall, and when he read the instructions it said - paste the paper. Just goes to show the old adage is true -'If all else fails read the directions' never assume, which I have been guilty of so many times. I have to admit that I have been guilty of this so many times and have paid the price, done a lot of unpicking in my day, not only on my own work, but on many a students as well. I have even stayed up all night fixing up a students project!!

These pictures - different exposures shows you the look. At present I am going to paint it - yes you have to paint this wall paper with several coats - well the color is China White, this is the color of my shutters. This is a work in progress so we will see where it leads! I do want to do a little 'Scumble and Wipe' but not sure how it will look, so will do some experimenting.

I am reminded of what I used to say in class, 'There is no such thing as a mistake, only a new creative opportunity' hence the name of my company - Unique Creative Opportunities.

So this wall paper is certainly that!

Off to Dinner and the Movies, so till next time when I will update you.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Catching up, where is the month of June going?

I do not know where this year is going. One moment it is June 1 and now it is June 18!! Well June has been a full month, so much so that I have to stop and think where it has gone and what I have done.

Let's work backwards.....

Today we had our first June webinar with another one tomorrow - I actually really enjoyed today, it is so wonderful catching up with everyone and sharing what we are doing. Today (and tomorrow) we did and will be going step-by-step with our two latest downloads - Double the Luv (double sided quilt) and Cool Machine Disguise (cover) as seen below:

You will just love making this machine cover, as it has so many easy exciting techniques in it an that you will love learning.

I have been into the city shopping with my daughters - Sam (blood) and Kath (by association) and had a lovely day. Sammie decided to spurge out on some amazing shoes while I got a much sort after black jacket. Below is Sam in her coordinated outfit - picture doesn't do shoes justice - shoes are by Stewart Weizmann (not sure of the spelling). Those who know me, will not be surprised by the last statement!

Of course I never miss my Yoga or gym work outs, and am just getting better and better, so exciting to see how I just advance each week - just love my gym C2K - I always feel better after a workout, and Yoga is just so spiritual.

Yes I can do both these poses - don't look quite like this, but pretty close. I can also free stand on my head for 60 seconds - which is something I could not do two weeks ago! I always had to had the wall for support, and two weeks ago, I thought, 'Why not try freestanding, worst that could happen is I would have to come down'! And guess what - yes I could stand on my head with no support - I was amazed, excited and encouraged - yes I felt the fear and did it anyway, and guess what I succeeded!

Well and that exciting note, I am off to feed Honey and have a glass of wine, I have earned it after my hard workout. Oh yest wait till you see what I am doing decorating wise, that bit of exciting news, will have to wait till next blog!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Simon, Harvey and Frankie go Chinese!!

When Harvey was around the age of two (he is now 5 1/2) Simon, Kirstin, Harvey and I went to the Chinese Gardens which are part of Darling Harbour - this is by the water where the Exhibition Center was (this has been pulled down now, making way for a brand new complex). Anyway we all got dressed up in Chinese costume - you may remember my pictures back then. Well Harvey has never forgotten, and so when we were all at Darling Harbour last week, we had to have a return visit and this time Frankie had to be in the act too.

How cute are the little ones, and how well Simon looks. It was a fun few hours, and once again the 'boys' had their photos taken by visitors (a thing Kirstin and I were never privileged to have - wonder why)? Good reason I suppose is that we looked ridiculous!!!

Twelve full hours of fun was had by the whole family (Poppa, Noo Noo, Simon, Cleo, Kirstin, Harvey and baby Frankie, who has enough energy for three people). Sooooo much to see, do, run in or around, and over, and so little time - but do it all we did.  Yes I did sleep well, ready for the next day, which was full on once again.

I must confess I do love slippery dips, and swings, I still like the abandonment of sliding, almost 'free falling' only down a solid slippery dip under me, and the nearly flying feeling of swings, especially when you go high. Guess I never quite grew up!

Two days of 'coffin memories' which I will always treasure. Thank you God for glorious memories.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sooooo pleased and excited with my new floor boards!

Well the saying 'no gain without pain' is true when it comes to my new floors! They are all finished and look amazingly beautiful. Took me a day to get everything back together, but that is all over with now. My duplex is four levels with six stairs up to the second level, then about 12 up to the third and seven up to the forth! It is a fun place to live in and great for work.
Stairs leading up to the lounge

This is the floors taken from the kitchen
The stairs took the most time, as the installers were so meticulous but the finished job was just perfect.

I also changed the mirror - always had the mirror table, but the new mirror is framed with bevelled scrolls, looking very chic at the top of the stairs.

Here are a couple of other views of the room. Of course I had to change things around and did another big clean up! De cluttered more, which always make me feel good. Somethings I got rid of from cupboards, I have never used in over 40 years, so why keep them!!

Close up of mirror and birdcage with light in it. 

This is the view  from the dining room
Trust you are enjoying being a voyeur having a glimpse at the renovations to my house.

I was just talking to Robbie and she is doing up her bedroom and has redone her kitchen last year. So change is in the air - remember change means growth so I hope I can continue to grow. with that in mind, here is my thought for the week:

I am continuing to turn my cant's into cans and my dreams into plans while celebrating my goals!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mess before Beauty - new timber floors

Well after much time and deliberation, I decided to pull up my carpet in the lounge/dining room area of my house and replace it with timber floors - limed American Oak. OMG I perhaps did not think of the process! Firstly everything had to be removed from my beautiful French cabinet. The treasures have sat on my kitchen bench for a week now, due to the fact the timber was not in stock. Then all the furniture had to be removed (with the exception of the cabinet which was too much trouble to move!

Carpet and underlay all pulled up revealing the concrete suspended slab! 
The two very thin Chinese lads have worked so hard - so much work. All the 'smooth edge' had to be removed around the edge of the skirting boards. This held the carpet down. Then the insulation underlay and then the boards!
The boards are layered in stepped lengths so the joins are variable.

The lounge area is nearly finished - yahoo, maybe I will make it to the movies tonight after all! The steps are not finished yet, they were the first done and took a lot of time. The boys were very fussy. Once this section of the room is finished, we will move the cabinet back into the room so the dining room can be done. My next post will show the finished floor - am back and forth taking photos. You all know what my week-end will be about - you guessed it getting everything back!

Getting there and starting to look fabulous, just love it! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

My Fitness Day!!

Well today has been busy, with one thing an another - firstly walk with my Honey, met several 'walking friends' on the way, which is lovely, except when you are on a mission and today is my personal trainer day. So it was rush rush to be at the gym by 10:30 - 'inner peace' was a little evasive!

I am working on my triceps (muscles at the back of the upper arm), which are the hardest to train in woman, but when working well, do prevent the sag and bag one tends to get at the bottom of their arms when getting older, so train these muscles I will!!!

Did my prep workout, triceps, biceps and abs with weights and then relaxation and breathing prior to my work out - which I certainly did. David said I was not concentrating, I said my concentration was on just trying to breath so I did not collapse! Never mind I got through all he dished out for me and am hear to tell about it.

To night is Yoga, although I am tired, I can never miss my two Yoga classes each week. I must be getting better as I can now do poses that were my goals such as the ones below, so that means I must be getting better! I do love Yoga, it always challenges me, Pauline, our teacher, always comes up with a new challenging pose. I do have some poses, my body refuses to accept, but most I can do with some degree of expertise. I can do all the ones below, so that is a start I guess. So I put the challenge out to all my readers, 'If I can do it so can you!' Do it for your mind, body and soul - and if all that fails, then 'do it to keep in an upright position and if you don't use it you loose it'. Let me know what you think!!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Webinars and Decorating

Well I feel I am in recovery mode. Three webinars in three days, but all worth it, just wonderful catching up with everyone and showing them how to make our Black and White Designer Pillows, and Toowoon Bay Morning Glories. Everyone loved our first download directions and designs, with customers being thrilled to get instant access to something they wanted to do yesterday, as we all do.

I have had a few suggestions as to what people want us to do next, however in the meantime, please make sure you view our videos and the last webinar, which we have on our website. They will answer a lot of your questions and suggestions.

I am in a redecorating mood at present!! I have rearranged the family room, and it looks great, so much more room, so just love this!

So next I decided to have a mirror in my bedroom! Did I measure from the top of the Federation bedhead (the bed is over a meter of the ground so the bedhead is another meter higher), not I did not! Mistake No 1, then I did not ask how heavy the mirror was - mistake No 2! Well I found this wonderful mirror, just fell in love with it. Bevelled plain mirror with a mercury mirror frame, size of which is 1.03m x 1.29m. Well it did not fit above the bed, but as I have a vaulted ceiling it looked great on the opposite very high wall, Then I had to get it not only up stairs but on the wall! Well if someone had a camera to take pictures of not only my daughter getting the packaged mirror out of her large four wheel drive, let alone, Laurie and I getting it up two flights of stairs, and then hanging it, you would have had a good laugh. However it was all worth it, and it looks fabulous. Moved 'Cherry Ripe' and original Pears print - 1879 and my roses, I am really thrilled with the end result. What do you think? And by the way the beautiful mirror came from Freedom Furniture!

I then moved the mirror I had above my bed to the top bedroom, and it looks great also! I love mirrors in rooms, as they reflect light and add another dimension to any room, try it you will see!!
Hope you enjoy these ideas, (by the way the photo in the frame on the left of the mirror is my grandson (Simon's son) - he is just so gorgeous! Maybe will inspire you to do a little rearranging.

I was supposed to get my carpet replaced with floor boards, today, but alas not till Friday - second level total disaster area, but the best is yet to come!