Friday, June 24, 2011

Perfect Bliss Video is Live!

Glorious day today - the sun is streaming in my office window - and yes it is Saturday and I am working!

As promised the Perfect Bliss Video is live: click on the more button which takes you to the Perfect Bliss page. Scroll down to the bottom o the page and click on the Download Perfect Bliss Video.

This is a zipped file; you have a choice to save it or open it to view it on your computer. Make your choice and if you choose to unzip it and view it on your computer, then select this option. It took around three minutes to unzip (it is a 42MG) file. The video is around 20 minutes and not only does it show you how to embroidery Perfect Bliss but also gives you great stabilizing tips.

So sit back and enjoy our presentation.

Friday, June 17, 2011

I am on Twitter (@jennyhaskins) and CE 31 is finally out!

CE31 is finally out! It is worth waiting for and you will just love, love, love it! Here is a sneak peak at the contents just to wet your appetite!

Can you believe it - I am on Twitter! Trying to keep up with the latest technology. So if you want to follow me you can on Twitter by searching for @jennyhaskins. I would love to hear from you.

Speaking of technology, you all should have received your flier about Perfect Bliss, the response has been simply amazing. Also if you are a consumer and have not had an invitation to Maragaret's webinar with Simon on the June 21 then email her: and get registered, Simon always has amazing things to show you and talk about. On June 27 we have a wholesale conference webinar and if you are or looking at becoming a Jenny Haskins retailer or are already one, then you must attend this webinar, Simon and I will be talking about our latest products, designs and up coming quilts, along with marketing techniques and fun ideas to help keep your customers coming into your store. Email Paula: to register.

Simon is busy working on our Academy Videos - there are four hours of them, so this will keep our registered participants busy once they get their academy package. (This is longer than War and Peace!) The Power Point presentations for each project is Simon's project for next week.

Also on June 24 we should have our Perfect Bliss Video (around 20min long) up on the web site for you to download. In this video I guide you through the use of templates (using Template Magic Printable Sheets) and Block Layout Diagrams for the combination embroidery in Perfect Bliss. You will learn how easy it is to achieve wonderful large embroidery designs even if you have a smaller hoop - but wait till the June 24! We will send out an email blast once it is up.


Monday, June 6, 2011

How good am I, this is my second blog for the month!

It is my task to answer product enquiry emails and I must confess most of them are about how to use products and techniques. Although domestic hoop embroidery has been around for at least 20 years now, we are constantly getting new converts to this amazing craft. Gone are the days when we consumers were happy with boring 'place and plonk' designs, rather creative machine artists are looking for more exciting and challenging techniques and this is what Simon and I specialise in! If you are one of these artists then the Jenny Haskins Online Academy of Accredited Tutors is for you! Simon and I will cover all our techniques, products and creative ideas in this amazing opportunity to work directly with us. We have a detailed step-by-step PowerPoint presentation for each of the required accreditation projects as well as a video with Jenny guiding your through each project, not to mention webinars (which will be recorded should you not be able to be on line at the time of the webinar). The stress of keeping up with a class and perhaps learning a new machine are removed as you can use your own machine and complete your projects in your own time in your own sewing studio - Simon and I are just there as your personal coaches! Add to this there are special discounts on products for those who register for the Academy as well, what more could you want? So make sure you check out: to see what you are missing out on!

And yes I am in trouble again - I let my blog followers know about Simon's amazing new quilt Perfect Bliss - I now know you love this as much as I do and Peaches who he made it for - she is a totally pink person.

The exciting thing about this quilt is that because of the inclusion of the Block and Center Medallion Layout Diagrams (included on the CD) for you to print in actual size to be used in conjunction with Template Magic Printable Sheets it is like having the actual quilt in your studio to position you placement templates over for perfect placement which can be used for the 200mm x 360mm and 200mm x 200mm hoops for perfect placement for these glorious designs. For those who have the 350mm x 360mm the designs can be done in one hooping (how lucky are you that Simon has already combined and color sorted these designs to fit your large hoop.

Next week we will be having a Video on our web site showing step-by-step how easy the above is to do, so make sure you check out this video.

So till next week your have plenty to think about and plan.