Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 Academy Graduates Gallery open to public

Well today was Graduation Day for the 90 2011 Online Jenny Haskins Academy of Accredited Tutors - blue ribbons for everyone who completed the eight projects in the allotted time to become accredited! We also had four Masters who completed all 19 Academy Projects Congratulations to all, you are now soaring eagles!

The Members Gallery has now gone Public for all to view

This is a must see, so once again Congratulations to all our graduates, so if you are looking for great teachers, this is where you look.

We are all so proud of this group of graduates and have just announced that we will be repeating this course early in 2012 as well as our first Quilting Academy later in 2012. Dates will be announced early in 2012.

Take a peek you will love this gallery and delight in what our amazing students have achiever.

Team JH

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  1. Wow I just checked out all of those wonderful photographs from all of the Graduates. Congratulations to everyone. You are all such an inspiration.

    I myself have been doing a few things as well. Why not have a look at my blog, you won't be disappointed.....hahaha.