Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jenny and her team move on from Creative Expressions


All good things come to an end, and after eight exciting years, the inspirational team behind the magazine Creative Expressions with Jenny Haskins have decided to move on. Jenny will no longer be the editor of Creative Expressions, and we would like to thank all our supporters (readers, contributors, advertisers and consumers) for their loyalty which we know you will continue giving us in our new venture. It has been a great ride and now it is time to move in a new direction. With this in mind, stay tuned for an upcoming 21st century approach to multi-media, when it comes to machine embroidery and quilting. We are all so excited and have been working on this concept for some time! Our motto is and always will be:

If you throw your heart over the fence the rest will follow! So follow your heart and join us as we all jump over the fence in a new direction.

Speaking of exciting ventures - wow how good was our first webinar for our online Academy - don't forget members this is up in your site on www.jennyhaskins.com for you to replay at your leisure if you missed it, or you just want a recap. By the way Simon forgot to press the record button, so you miss my welcome and the first voice you hear is Robbie's but that is beautiful and expresses all our sentiments.

Sandy's Oriental Express Special Edition design CD is now out and ready for shipping, you will just love this quilt and designs and it is for anyone who has never made a quilt before, this is the one for you, it is just 'sew easy' with all the designs being created using Jenny's Embroidered Decoupage (r) technique. As with Perfect Bliss this Special Edition design CD is supported with an instructional video for you to view and upload - please wait until Friday the 4 August when it should be up on the web site.

With great expectations,



  1. When will be the last issue of Creative Expressions?

  2. I wish you and Simon the best in your new venture. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. I will miss Creative Expressions. Lynn Kramer, Long Island, N.Y.

  3. I have a subscription to Creative Expressions - what will I get for the remaining time/issues?