Wednesday, October 20, 2010

CE 29 cover, a quick catch up and the off to Houston!

Here is our cover for CE 29, I have received the advance, so 'from my mouth to God's ears' it should arrive in Australia in the next week or so and the US not long after. This is our Christmas edition and has heaps of glorious quick and easy projects for Christmas, as well as our War of the Roses quilt directions it surely is a must have! Lots of memorable dates since my last blog posting, (sorry it has been so long) but with Simon away for nearly five weeks, presenting around the US and Canada, we have been rather frantic back home here in Aussie. By the way Simon is having a wonderful time and I know he would like to thank everyone for making him feel so welcome - he is having an amazing time and of course he is cute and very good at what he does!

Harvey turned two in September, as well as Kirstin his mum having a birthday so birthdays are on our list of events.

Baby Zoey has had her 6mth birthday and is doing well and as you can see quite the little girl now and is just such a happy baby - every day we thank God for her as she is that day.

Robbie, our dear friend and editorial assistant for CE's mother (Dorothy) turns 90 at the end of October, so we took her out for a special afternoon tea - she is simply amazing - we all say if we can be as good as she is then we all want to reach 90. Dorothy has recently moved into her own luxury apartment, knits teddy's for the Children's hospital (she has knitted way over 100 so far), takes herself out daily and is generally a social butterfly - happy 90th Dorothy you are our hero.

Robbie, Laurie and I have been frantically working on orders for our Jazzy&Me patterns as well as our Special Edition CD's so that has 'kept us off the streets' so to speak. We have also made a spectacular long line vest (which I will be wearing in Houston) as well as a very 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' Victorian white gored dress with eight frilled circles on the bottom of it. On top of that are working on an embroidered patchwork quilt made with the When Dreams Flower fabric and using our latest (not released) special embroidery collection to be called Sam's Love Hearts and then there is Simon's quilt Fabricadabra which will be released under the Special Editions label featuring a fabulous new technique. So you can see everything is go, go, go in Aussie.
I leave for Houston on the 27th October, so am thinking about packing as well - just hate packing, but it is a necessary evil. So if you are at the International Quilt Market/Festival please look us up we would love to see you.
So till I come back from Houston,
Remember: Miracles happen for those who believe in them - I am a true believer!