Monday, December 19, 2011

Holiday Blessings and Love to All

Well this is Christmas, and what have we done, another year old and a new one begun.. in the words of the famous John Lennon.

This year has been filled with happiness, joy, achievement, blessings and achievements. It has also had many sadness's, with friends and loved ones passing away. I am saddened at the death of Danise Challis, a true hero and warrior against cancer. She lost her battle last week, having a massive stroke. She was an amazing lady full of courage (against all odds) an had such a positive attitude, right up to the very end. She will be missed by all who loved her and enjoyed her creativity, she was featured in several editions of CE and was one of our heroes.

On a great note, A Place in the Sun, (books and designs) is ahead of schedule and should be out around the 8 January, 2012 in Australia and 22 January in the US - don't miss out on this fabulous book. Also don't forget to view the video, which is up and running on our web site:

I have just returned from Brisbane, to attend dad's Christmas Party. This is always a bitter/sweet experience for me, as I spend most of the time crying, however there is joy as well. When one is coming to the end of an amazing life, sometimes it deals us a hand we would never have chosen, but like the Christian gentleman my dad is, he never complains and is still gentle and sweet.

My nephew Niki, was presented to the Supreme Court and admitted to the bar - very proud moment for everyone. All in all I had a wonderful time in Brisbane with my only sister and her family.

I attempted to post picture to this blog, but for some reason they would not upload as pictures, rather just a ton of codes. So I am not fighting with the computer right now so pictures will have to wait till next time.

From all of us at Team JH, (Simon, Laurie, Robbie and me) we wish you Christmas blessings and only health and happiness in the New Year. Our office will be closed from the 23 December and reopen on the 16 January, 2012. (We will check our emails however and have a skeleton staff.)