Wednesday, November 30, 2011

2011 Academy Graduates Gallery open to public

Well today was Graduation Day for the 90 2011 Online Jenny Haskins Academy of Accredited Tutors - blue ribbons for everyone who completed the eight projects in the allotted time to become accredited! We also had four Masters who completed all 19 Academy Projects Congratulations to all, you are now soaring eagles!

The Members Gallery has now gone Public for all to view

This is a must see, so once again Congratulations to all our graduates, so if you are looking for great teachers, this is where you look.

We are all so proud of this group of graduates and have just announced that we will be repeating this course early in 2012 as well as our first Quilting Academy later in 2012. Dates will be announced early in 2012.

Take a peek you will love this gallery and delight in what our amazing students have achiever.

Team JH

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back to reality and exciting new products

I trust you have all received our flier about all our new products- this is sooooo exciting. Nine new design collections that include not only the designs but the directions to make the projects that are pictured on the front cover - you want more? Well there is more. We now have six videos on our site for the following:
1 Perfect Bliss
2 Fiesta
3 I Need a Little Christmas
4 Quilt-a-magic
5 A Little French Chic
6 I Feel Pretty

Create along with me as I guide you step-by-step through these projects - with the directions and the designs on the Special Edition design collections and now Videos so there is no excuse for you not to soar with the eagles! I hope you enjoy these amazingly easy and fun projects.

And yes for those who want a little more you are catered for also.

Bit under the weather today as I am having a tooth inplant and my dentist visit was quite harrowing. Took two hours to get the root out of the bone with a lot of tugging - bit off with the fairies today. Pain killers are my best friends at present!

Will hopefully have pictures for next time, so in the meantime go to to see all the new products and to download the. Keels.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

The things we do for a show!!! Houston is over and now home!

Well Houston is over for another years . We all had a ball and the show was a great success. Way to go team JH/RNK!!!

The things we do for a show (and in honor of our, Australian Melbourne Cup horse race) click on the link below and ihave a giggle!,

OK now stop laughing.

We had a great show and are now heading home tomorrow morning - Sydney Summer , here I come with an advanced Hawaiin Tan!!

Last day in Houston and then home to Aussie

Well here we are at the last day at Houston! So good to be well and catch up with all our fellow quilters and embroiderers, it has been a blast. So much fun seeing people in my workshops (three a day no less) converted to the gospel of 'just because it is beautiful; it doesn't mean it is hard'! Everyone went a way with a smile in their eyes and a new belief in themselves that they could do anything.

I cannot wait to see what comes next in the world of quilting and embroidery. In the meantime we are off home tomorrow with so many exciting ideas new concepts to keep in touch and keep everyone busy, so stay tuned to your email blasts so you do not miss out on our future plans - very exciting times we live in.

Please don't get used to these frequent posts, by the way, but it has been my mission to keep everyone posted while I am away - holiday or not.

I am having a love affair with my iPad, just love love it! Am also getting used to the touch key board.

Now on with the show.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wow what a show we are having in Houston!

Well we are half way through the Houston Festival. The winning quilts are breath taking as always with the artist simply amazing! I always feel humbled by the talent and creativity.

The Jenny Haskins stand is a hive of activity being crowded to over flowing. Our work shops are full to over flowing and everyone is so busy that lunch breaks are a thing of the past, we are lucky if we get a 'potty break'. We are all having a blast, so if you have not come by the stand make sure your do, the discounts are simply amazing!

Simon's Quilt-a-magic is center stage along with A Place in the Sun, so make sure you order both along with the 12 new Special Editions. Amazing thread and stabilizer specials so get ready to stock up.

Have had lots of wonderful customers popping by to say Hi we love seeing our loyal supporters. Thank you for your support and custom.

Must go another workshop to do.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Congratulations to our over 90 JH Acadmey Graduates!

Well how proud are team JH of our first online Academy graduates. They are all amazing and so talented and guess what, we have four graduates who passed with honors having completed all 19 projects! We are just so proud of our team of eagles who are soaring high!

Hawaii is now a very happy memory and I cannot wait to go back, Simon said I can go twice a year!

Well Festival is about to start and team JH is so excited, come and visit us on stand 614, and talk with Simon, Paula, Debi, Susan and Margo, we would love to see you. Me, well I will be showing you everything new and giving some wonderful tips as to how to quilt no hands on a domestic machine. This you will love.

Also keep your eyes peeled for the 2012 dates for next year's online Academy of JH Accredited Tutors and our advanced Academy dates for 2012 as well! Yes we plan to keep every learning and flying high.

Also remember the Jenny Haskins division of RNK and SVP or looking for education/sales consultants, so if you would like this exciting career, email me for details.

Well off to the show, I did not get a chance to see anything at market so will try to look at festival.