Sunday, March 27, 2011

While the Cat's away the Mice do Play!

Simon has now been touring the US for nearly six weeks and I know many of you reading this blog would have been to his fabulous classes. He celebrated his 34th birthday while over in the US and I he was so excited at seeing everyone once again. The VDTA was a resounding success along with Puyallup where our 3D Embroidery Magic designs and technique were the success story of the show along with Sam's Love Hearts and the beautiful Windmills of the Heart patchwork quilt.

So while Simon has been away, Robbie has been up north with her three beautiful granddaughters doing what all Nanny's do and that is spoiling them and I have had two lots of house guests. One was very special Catherine - was home from Switzerland for a visit - she used to be my children's nanny when they were little, so it was great to catch up with her again - we refused to discuss our ages - but her twin boys are now 18, so neither of us could pretend we were still in our 40's - bother!

Thank you to everyone who was so patient with us waiting for the 3D Embroidery Magic design CD's and Krinkle Magic to arrive. We were waiting on the Krinkle Magic, which was totally sold out and had to wait two weeks for it to arrive, so make sure you have plenty on hand as it is such an exciting technique.

CE 31 is complete, and off to the printers, it is another great edition and we have modernised the design a little - it is quite fun and funky and we hope you will like it.

Simon is busy planning another great technique quilt and I am in the throws of planning another applique quilt - quite different - both of them are so this is something to look forward to.

Little Zoey is doing really well, and getting to be quite the chubby bub and you cannot put anything within a tiny hand's reach or it is gone!

Robbie and I did manage to get a little quilt finished while Simon was away but that was all! I will show it in my next blog - two other great techniques.

This year is literally flashing by in the twinkling of an eye, so remember to make the most of every moment and remember, life is a journey not a guided tour, so don't miss the ride and have a great time whilst on it.

Till next time,


Sunday, March 6, 2011

We have been getting creative

Thought you all might like to see what we have been doing for the past few weeks. Simon has been away on his teaching tour of the US. First stop VDTA in Vegas - where he launched a lot of new exciting products - the response was amazing with our 3D Embroidery Magic causing quite a a stir along with Sam's Love Hearts and Fabricabra. You can see his class schedule on our web site.
Robbie and I have had lots of fun creating a wedding theme using designs from the 3D Embroidery Magic as well as really stylish jewelry accessories.

In Australia fabric flowers are everywhere, especially attached to beautiful necklaces. These are a few of what we have been doing, along with head bands, hats, purses, bracelets, hair clips and shoe clips - the list is endless.

I believe CE 30 has finally hit the US, so if you have not ordered or received yours make sure you do and not miss out on the wonderful new projects and ideas that are in it. Us well we have just finished CE 31, it is looking pretty good - but enjoy CE 30 first.

Simon and the JH girls have just finished the best show ever in Puyallup - it was just the best show ever, so there will be lots of creativity going on once all the consumers get home. It is always a very very busy show and this year is no exception, to congratulations to everyone and thank you for all the hard work.

Simon had a hands on class and lots of lecture demos as well as his Embroidered Decoupage class - all went well and Paula had her Make-it-and-take-it Krinkle Magic class. It was literally magic when the participants saw their flat flowers spring into 3D life. Patty was the stabiliser queen, making sure everyone had the correct stabilisers to get the most out of their embroidery.

A wonderful time was had by all.

Robbie is off for two weeks, to see her three beautiful grand daughters, and I have had my beautiful 'little sister' (who was my children's baby sitter when they were small) visit me for a week from Switzerland - we had a wonderfully busy time - leaving both of us exhausted but happily so.

On that note I am off to bed, my baby Honey had her 6th birthday today along with my sister Sue - at her age 'discretion is the better part of valour'.

See I am getting better, not even a month and here is another blog.