Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Perfect Bliss - Latest Quilt and Academy!

Well here it is the first day of June, and first day of Winter for us in the southern hemisphere and wonderful Summer for those in the north - lucky you, Summer is my favourite time of the year.

Well as always we have been working hard on Simon's Perfect Bliss quilt as seen above. It is absolutely spectacular and was made as a gift for our friend Peaches' 40th birthday - she just is such a pink girly girl.

Simon has literally spent over a month perfecting the designs which he has made for the 350mm x 360mm, 200mm x 360mm and 200mm x 200mm size hoops, so everyone can make his Perfect Bliss quilt. Not only has Simon created the designs to fit these three hoop sizes, but he has created 'actual size' PDF's of the designs for each block and center medallion which can be printed (in black and white or colour) and then the pages stuck together to form a design placement graphic, in actual size, to be used as a guide for placement templates to be accurately placed over. This ensures that you have accurate combination templates to be placed over each block to be used as embroidery placement guides.

Once again as with all our Special Editions, we have all the directions and pictures to make Perfect Bliss as well as 180 designs (adaptable to the three hoop sizes) on the CD along with lots of step-by-step pictures so it is easy for anyone to follow. How wonderful is Simon sharing his talent in such a way as anyone can achieve glorious large embroidered blocks in such a user-friendly way.

Hi to all our registered 'Accredited Academy' ladies - we are so excited and happy that you have chosen to do this course on-line - we are all in for a fun time. I will keep you posted on special offers and things to do prior to the first webinar by personal email as well as in my blog - yes I know I will have to do it more frequently than at present!

By the way, CE31 is running a bit late (especially in Australia) and we are expecting it here in the next week and in the US before the end of June - thank you for your patience, trust me it is worth waiting for.

I am now off to work on my next project - A Place in the Sun quilt - this quilt will make it possible for everyone to not only embroider and applique like a pro, but quilt as well - this will be our next book!

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