Monday, June 28, 2010

Thank you and moving along

Thank you to everyone who emailed me in regards to my beautiful baby Zoey - your emails were so appreciated and I am happy to report Zoey is getting more beautiful on the outside everyday. Here round of specialist appointments start tomorrow with the Cardiologist and then the Neurologist, EEG's and so on. As Zoey's mum said 'I can only think in the moment anything else is just out of my mind space.' I have to agree with her and so we take it hour by hour day by day.

As you can see, here is the cover for CE 28, which is at the printers as we speak - it is simply the best and we are thrilled with it. There is just so much in CE 28 with heaps of new and different things to make, inspire and challenge you.

We have finally finished our black, white and red quilt War of the Roses which we will feature in CE 29 and Simon is working on a fabulous new quilt and technique. Peaches' Purses is finally released and can be ordered. Of course go to our web site for more information.

Simon is off to BU in Orlando on Friday so that is exciting and Robbie and I get to play - we have some exciting ideas for which to use our new fabric range -When Dreams Flower which I plan to share on my blog so there will be lots of new things coming up. I also want to have Simon redesign the blog layout so I can make it more interesting.

Well it is Monday night and my girlfriend Sandy is making a quilt and she is up to the cutting and piecing stage so I must go and check on her. I will try and be more regular with my postings in the future.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life, love and grandbabies

How do you like Robbie's Melbourne Cup Race outfit - hat and hand bag - the hat features designs from Margaret's Magnificant Melody Design CD and the hand bag is hot off the press from Peaches' Purses - the directions for the hat will be in CE 28 and the directions for the purse will be on the design CD along with directions to make all the purses etc that are on the design CD - it is truly a beauty!
They say a picture is worth 1,000 words - well this is it - I don't want the yogurt and you are wearing it - and that I am right on the middle of the nose with one flick of the wrist - baby Cooper-Jay hit the spoon flying with the yogurt in it and I copped it - I had forgotten how to wear food but soon got back into the swing of things.
Well our lives will forever be changed since the birth of our beautiful baby Zoey Ruby-Rose (Cooper-Jay's baby sister) has Tuberous Sclerosis Complete a rare genetic disease which can be inherited if one parent has it but in her case it is a spontaneous mutation. This horrid disease allows non malignant tumors to grow on vital body organs like the kidneys, heart, eye and brain - all of which she has. The main concern is the brain and due to the fact that the tumors die and calcify electrical currents get blocked and cause little explosions which result in seizures - she has started at eight weeks. (I was hoping for an up dated picture of our little Zoe but the DVD my son Jason gave would not open!) The picture will have to wait for next time.

A week in Westmead Children's Hospital is a lesson in love given by the parents and amazing nurses and doctors, acceptance for parents and grandparents and a total new perspective on life. Seeing this apparently perfectly beautiful baby girl with electrodes covering her tiny head for an EEG - not once but twice, learning she is on a strong anti-seizure drug with the edict being given that from now on we all will follow the path her tiny body leads us truly makes one realise you don't have a choice but to be strong. When I consider my life is nearly over and what can I do to be there for her and her parents and please God let it be for a while! (One good thing has come out of this I have discovered I can still cook on a regular basis - I have become a real soup kitchen!

Zoey is home now, doing all the wonderful things a 9 week old baby does, smiling, laughing, gurgling, kicking and bring a wonderful joy to us all, always tinged with the sadness of reality - but today is a good day and we are grateful for that.

Our beautiful Harvey is growing in charm, looks and chatter - he is like a sponge soaking up everything he sees and hears being the total little mimic - this we have learnt he is very good at too!

On the work front which has taken a second place we are still all on track with CE 28 being just completed and now we are up to our next projects - we have three new quilts in the making and a new design CD coming along - and yes Peaches' Purses will be out by next week - it is quite a large project, but we know you will love it.

On that note I must away and get back to work, forgive me Erica I am trying to be faithful in my blog up dates, but life has thrown us all a curve ball and it is a little hard to catch at present, love you all Jenny.