Thursday, November 11, 2010

Report from Houston and back in Aussie

Well I will try an pick up where I left off. Remember Robbie's mum Dorothy turned 90 on the 31st of October, well I missed the big surprise party so here is Dorothy (in the middle) surrounded by her friends drinking Champagne in her stretch limo being driven to her party. Robbie greeted her and as you can see much fun was had by all - what a special day Dorothy had surrounded by her family and friends who love her. Trust me she is far from a typical 90 year old!

Houston for me was exciting as always however I got sick (second time in Houston for me) and really spent most of my time in the Hotel room. Had to go to the Doctor who prescribed heaps of drugs and bed rest however I am still not over it. Evidently I have an upper and lower respiratory infection, bronchitis and fluid on my left lung - and am perched up in bed typing this. Good news am home, been to the Doctor for more drugs and today am feel quite a deal better.

In the brief time I was on the show stand I did get to say Hi to lots of people and thank all those who sent messages. Great to see Erica briefly on the first day of market, Petrina (whilst crossing the road after jogging), Margaret, Laura, Debi and Gail who all flew in for the show and to see me, so that was really special. Margaret was an angel and never left my side of hotel room while I was sick and Simon fussed over me as always, - I love you all.

Saw Theresa Robinson from VSM as always a special friend, Sue and Herb Hausmann along with the gang from Windham Fabrics. Had a wonderful dinner with Clifford Wallach, Ricky, Kay and the team JH (Janet, Paula and Pattie) on our first evening, so good to catch up with everyone. Also had dinner with Toshi and Randy from Janome USA. Many Aussies popped in to say hi and it was great to see Kim and David Bradley (picture below) venturing into the US market - way to go Kim.

Here is a pic of our amazing Janet and Simon who worked both Market and Festival, with smiling faces and happy banter (joined for festival by Pattie) these three are like little kids, even texting after we left - well they had a ball and do such a fabulous job at shows and promotions. Simon was at the end of a five week presenting tour of the US and Canada and still got up happy (well almost) every day of the show and looked after his ailing mother!

I did take pictures of the winning quilt but it was all blurry, a little like me I suspect. However this pic did turn out and it was the centre of a quilt that caught my eye - simply amazing and the technique was just so clever. Like a pressed tin ceiling I thought.

Well I do have more news, but will save it for the next blog. By the way hope the Aussies have CE 29 by now and the US should be out in the next week, hope you are enjoying it and getting those machines out and keeping them busy making wonderful projects for Christmas.
Until the next time,