Monday, November 12, 2012

Houston and new Ministry

Hawaii seems like a distant memory to me now, much is the pity!

Pilgrims Simon and Margaret!!!

Beautiful Indian Squaws Brittany and Kristen!!
Simon is due home from Houston and Seattle tomorrow after a great market and festival on the Jenny Haskins stand in Houston. His classes went well and he met so many of our friends - the hard work and long hours at Houston were not missed, but my friends were! Simon then went onto Margaret's for a week, and they had an early Thanks Giving dinner - really quite lovely and a lot of fun!!

Robbie, her 92 year old mother and my daughter-in-law Kimmie, all did the Melbourne Cup Luncheon and had a very lovely day, hats and all.

Ministry Module 1:5 - Robbie and I did some designing - how do you like the results. Great techniques and wonderful projects. Remember you can still join the Ministry and get all the past projects, directions, videos, webinars and get the discounts as well - great value!