Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where did April Go and our first On-Line Academy

Where did April go - it just seemed to be there and then over and when I check my last posting I noticed that I totally did not recognize April at all. Our major project in April was getting everything ready for our first JENNY HASKINS ON-LINE ACADEMY OF ACCREDITED TUTORS. This has involved days of video taping, elaborate Power Point presentations, printing, photographing and heaps more - this has taken up most of our time in April. How great is it going to be for you to be able to become an Accredited Jenny Haskins Tutor and not have to travel or work under pressure - and not only that all the teaching preparation for your future class will be done for you - all you will have to do is keep the class in order!

April is one of my busiest months with over six family and friends birthdays, and this year in Australia we had an extra long Easter as ANZAC day holiday was tacked tacked on giving us nearly a week off. Simon arrived home from his six week tour of the US, Zoey turned one - how quick that year has gone, my nephew Niki had is 30th birthday, (he has just returned from Cambridge England from a three year scholarship and Sam (my daughter turned 32.

The most important birthday however was my dad's he turned 98! That was another long week-end out of April. I went up to Brisbane to see my dad, sister, Niki and Cri (my two adorable nephews) and Katherine - Niki's beautiful Canadian girl friend. This is my sister Sue and my beautiful Dad - 98 years being the most perfect person I know.

Another exciting thing was that Harvey had his first sleep over with Simon (Dada) and me - we had a fabulous time up at Toowoon Bay, and my gorgeous little friends Britt and Kyle looked after Harvey like little guardian angels.

Robbie, Simon and I have been very busy in the studio also with three new fabulous techniques on their way - you are just going to be blown away by them - will give you some teasers in my next blog - and yes we all will live that long!

More news in my next blog - promise it will be this month!

My daughter Sam is in Boston US at present, (having just been to Vegas and then she is off to NY - all shopping stops. She is having a ball and getting some well deserved R&R.

Robbie and I are working on CE 32 - due out Aug/Sept - and then it will be Christmas - and me another year older - won't talk about that it is too depressing!

Well that catches us up a bit, and will promise to have pictures for my next blog.

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