Monday, December 20, 2010

Blessed Christmas and Bring the New Year On!

I cannot believe where the time has gone since my last post - over a month - well I do have a good excuse. After getting over my bout of bronchitis (thank you God), it was straight into CE No 30 - the cover you can see below. Then it was up to see my darling dad for Christmas - the picture is above. Simon and Sam came with me and we also saw my sister Sue. We had a wonderful time decorating dad's room with a Christmas tree, lights and streamers and when we left he had his own little Christmas Cave. It was, as always a joyous and sad time, but somehow I know he knew he was loved. Sam and Simon are such great kids to give up their week-end to come up and visit my dad, they remember what a great Poppa he was (and still is in their eyes) and me , well he is my adored dad.
We have been working on our next Special Edition Project Based design CD, featuring Simon's quilt Fabricadabra and our Magic Seam technique - embroidering an exact 1/4in cutting line around each embroidery design so no need for measuring seams, just cut on the 'dotted line'. You will love it along with making the quilt which is really easy with all the quilt blocks being made from embroidered fabric - who says embroidered quilts cannot compare to pieced fabric quilts - we will show our critics! Fabricadabra will be out February 2011.

Then while Simon was away Robbie and I were working on Sam's Love Hearts quilt and designs - the quilt as we speak is with Kim Bradley who will be quilting it for us. The Pillow above shows the quilt block we used for the quilt, which is pieced on the diagonal - it is just pink, pretty and perfect - you will love the double applique hearts with embroidered buttonholes through which to thread ribbon.

This small pillow features again Sam's Love Hearts, using the same fabric as the quilt - When Dreams Flower but in a simple little design.

Wait till you see the other projects we have created with Sam's Love Hearts you will just love the ideas which will keep you very busy. You will have to wait however until next year for these!

The front cover of CE 30 - out February/March 2011 features again Sam's Love Hearts in a double sided quilt - yes the other side of the quilt is as beautiful as the front only uses purple silk for the quilted blocks and different fabrics for the applique in the hearts - it is all put together using the Jenny Join, and was quite a "W0w"factor in Simon's classes at Houston and on the stand.
We have so many fun and exciting projects in CE No 30 and are busy getting ready for 2011 with great anticipation and expectations.
Simon, Robbie and I wish you all a Christmas filled with love and blessings and may 2011 be filled with love and hope.