Friday, June 24, 2011

Perfect Bliss Video is Live!

Glorious day today - the sun is streaming in my office window - and yes it is Saturday and I am working!

As promised the Perfect Bliss Video is live: click on the more button which takes you to the Perfect Bliss page. Scroll down to the bottom o the page and click on the Download Perfect Bliss Video.

This is a zipped file; you have a choice to save it or open it to view it on your computer. Make your choice and if you choose to unzip it and view it on your computer, then select this option. It took around three minutes to unzip (it is a 42MG) file. The video is around 20 minutes and not only does it show you how to embroidery Perfect Bliss but also gives you great stabilizing tips.

So sit back and enjoy our presentation.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jenny, I received mine today and I cant wait to get started on this fantastic quilt. YOu are always so full of inspiration, I personally have every design cd and every single book you have published. If it wasn't for your fantastic books and designs. I would not be inspired to embroider.
    I thank you for all your inspiration. I look forward to plenty more.
    Keep up the fantastic work.