Saturday, October 29, 2011

Catching up at Houston

First day at Houston Quilt Market. So exciting to catch up with old friends like, Norman Foster, Lewis Carney, Erica (of Erica's in South Bend), Jeannie Miller, Jane Nesbitt, Kim Novak, Tom Justic, Barbara Sunderllage, the girls Creative Machine Embroider (more on that later)'! Met Nancy Snider for the first time which was lovely, Hans Martini is over here as well along with Joanne Wearing from Australia.

Our revered leader Clifford Wallach is charming everyone as always, and Mr. Brooks and his beautiful wife are as gracious as always. Paula and all the girls are hard at work and in general we are all enjoying show casing everything new.

My poor Simon has lost his voice already and has gone to bed.

We have unveiled our latest creations including A Place in the Sun along with 12 new special editions. As you can hear life is full and busy and I have to sit in the lobby to post this because you are all my 'babies and I have to love you'!

Another day tomorrow and will keep you all posted.


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