Wednesday, July 27, 2011

'It's my party and I will cry if I want to! More Academy pics and Sandy's Orient Express!

Well today is my birthday - thank you to everyone who sent me wishes for a happy day - by the way the words in the title of the blog, are from a song I remembered as a teenager - see first memories in last memories out - not sure if that is good or bad. Yes I can remember what I had for breakfast and what I did yesterday and am practising counting backwards from 100 by sevens - to help us all out here it is: 100, 93, 86, 79, 72, 65, 58, 51, 44, 37, 30, 23, 16, 9, 2 well I did it in my head but just checked it with the calculator - guess what got them all right! Also know that Julia Gillard is the Prime Minister of Australia - now what does that say about our glorious country?

Question: What would you attempt if you knew you had no chance of failure? Answer: Make my first quilt - Sandy's Oriental Express quilt!

Below is a picture of our next Special Edition design CD - Sandy's Oriental Express - Sandy is my friend and she came to my studio once a week for a year - she travels so it was not 52 days, however this is her first quilt and she loved making it and said it was so easy. A great quilt for anyone who has never made a quilt before! All the embroidered applique uses my Embroidered Decoupage (r) technique and so there is no chance of not having a perfectly wonderful quilt!

This Special Edition will be released in August - stay tuned for your email blast!!! Retail price $50 plus tax.

Academy News:

Well Elaine has done it again with two more projects finished for the Academy - she is just so excited. This was her amazing start, she is now off to NZ for a holiday and then into hospital for knee surgery - have a great holiday my sweet friend and all the best for the surgery - I know you will be taking your sewing machine into hospital with you if you have your way! By the way Elaine, Heidi is close on your heals - she has finished three projects as of today - and she wants to start teaching in October - way to go Heidi.



Am off now to finish editing and then out for dinner - I trust everyone born in July will make a choice to have a fabulous life. Happy Birthday to us.

Jenny (one year closer to my use by date!)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Online Academy first projects FINISHED!

I thought it only fair that I share what Elaine, from Aussie, has already finished towards her accreditation to become a Jenny Haskins Accredited Tutor! How good is she, like an eagle soaring out of sight. Above and below are pictures of Elaine's Wisteria Floating Diamonds Blouse front view and back view below. Not only did she complete her blouse but taught her sister Shirley also!

Now that is an over achiever!

Below are Elaine's Twin Needle Shadow Work Guest Towel and her Sapphire Applique Doiley, they are beautiful as is she.

Well Elaine has put out a challenge to all our academy students, you don't have to wait for the 1st of August, start when ever you wish, Elaine went by the printed directions, power point and our video (even though we repeated one part in the Floating Diamonds Blouse- Elaine said it just endorsed what she had to do! She was being very kind however we doubled up on part of it and re joined the video in the wrong spot - we are learning also.

Thank you Elaine for sharing these with us, I know you will inspire many of our students!

Now I can hardly wait to see who will be out next student to send in pictures!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Place in the Sun and Accreditation up date

Robbie and I have been up at our beach retreat Toowoon Bay, doing photography for our next book - even though it was winter the sun was out and the surf was up (but the wind was cold)! Honey and I were all rugged up against the wind!

In case anyone is under the illusion that photography and styling are glamours, thought I would share a couple of candid shots, Robbie took when we were doing the photograph for A Place in the Sun!

Our latest quilt - A Place in the Sun has just been finished by Robbie. It and the designs will be in our next book of the same name so this is something to anticipate as it is another brand new technique, Magic Quilting, that every machine embroiderer will absolutely love as the whole quilt, blocks, sashing, center medallion, and borders are all done in the hoop - including quilting (and it is a double sided quilt as well) - it is simply Magic!

I will tell and show you more next blog!

My girlfriend Sue Armour emailed me this picture (that she took many years ago) she found of my darling little boy Simon - and thought it only fair that I share it with everyone!

Simon is in the US at present! No he is not working ratherB he is playing in New York - I am working at home and sick also so the above photo is pay back! Here is is around six/seven wearing clothes we brought back from our first trip to Hawaii ! He was such a tiny child and his pants are short, because I had to get small size much less than his age so they would stay up on his tiny frame!

By the way Simon will be at BU, next week so he will be doing a little work, so if your are going look him up he has heaps of new things to share with you.

Now about our Academy - it is full to over flowing - all the Accreditation packages have been sent! This has given Laurie a bit of a challenge and many hours at the post office, but they have all gone. You should have recieved email advice that your packages have been sent. In Australia I would think everyone has recieved theirs by now as they went by Express Post. For the US the packages went registered airmail post - they Aussie on time, but alas the US post is a 'tad'slow so usually it takes around two weeks from the date of postage! As for Canada, it is in God's hands! So as soon as you get everything, you have homework to watch the videos, power point and read the directions for the eight accreditation projects! You will turly be sick of the sound of my voice by the time you have watched four hours of videos! We are all excited over here in Aussie and I have already had feed back on the packs with some students staying up until the fell asleep watching the vidoes!