Saturday, October 29, 2011

Catching up at Houston

First day at Houston Quilt Market. So exciting to catch up with old friends like, Norman Foster, Lewis Carney, Erica (of Erica's in South Bend), Jeannie Miller, Jane Nesbitt, Kim Novak, Tom Justic, Barbara Sunderllage, the girls Creative Machine Embroider (more on that later)'! Met Nancy Snider for the first time which was lovely, Hans Martini is over here as well along with Joanne Wearing from Australia.

Our revered leader Clifford Wallach is charming everyone as always, and Mr. Brooks and his beautiful wife are as gracious as always. Paula and all the girls are hard at work and in general we are all enjoying show casing everything new.

My poor Simon has lost his voice already and has gone to bed.

We have unveiled our latest creations including A Place in the Sun along with 12 new special editions. As you can hear life is full and busy and I have to sit in the lobby to post this because you are all my 'babies and I have to love you'!

Another day tomorrow and will keep you all posted.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trying again my IPad is on vacation too!

Now my IPad and I have made up we can catch up!

I had forgotten what a holiday was like and have already booked to come back to Hawaii next year - yes I am having the best of times. Tanned relaxed and almost ready for Houston!

I have just sat on the beach every day, swam and read my E-books. Simon is leaving today and me tomorrow (sadly). We are both looking forward to Houston and catching up with our US friends and sharing what we are doing, new concepts and promises of things to come.

Will keep you all posted.


Sitting on the beach watching the time pass by....

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Clearing off my desk and more archive pictures!

Cleaning up again and I found more pictures, these two are of my daughter Sam when she was around 17. The top one is of her all dressed up for her year 12 formal, the class went on a cruse on the Sydney Harbour - she was wearing my Fantasy Cape (I am sure she dressed up for me). Being a tom boy (having two older brothers) the picture below is how she would rather dress. I think they were supposed to be studying rather than goofing off. Do you remember these days Sammie?

Well I am finally closing down my computer for a month!! I cannot believe it, I will have withdrawals I am sure - never mind am taking my iPad with me. We all have been so busy in our studio, making over 20 videos in the last couple of weeks. Our Academy members are going well with 36 who have already completed their required 8 projects and two who have finished all 19 projects, three weeks to go everyone! We have designed and ordered the badges as well as the certificates, so the end is in site.

You will notice that we have instructional videos for Perfect Bliss, Fiesta, Quilt-a-matic, Sandy's Oriental Express and I need a Little Christmas up on our web site now. Simply click on the more button and then scroll down to the bottom of the page that opens and download the video. With all the directions (coloured step by step pictures) and designs on each CD along with an instructional video in which I guide you in making these projects - anyone can now work from home and achieve any of these quilts in their own time and space!! What more could you want - and no I am not making one for you.

A Place in the Sun our exciting new book, due out Dec/Jan is at the printers and you will just love the quilt and our latest technique - an entire quilt quilted and embroidered in the HOOP!! And yes we will have video on our web site for this also when the book comes out

We are also working on our Creative Magic site on our web site - it will be an interactive site that everyone can be part of taking advantage of 21st century technology. You will be part of the Jenny and Simon studio when it becomes a reality show - more coming.

Until next time, I will be on the beach in Hawai!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some days it doesn't pay to get up and take the cat off your head!

Hey Norman (Foster) remember this - long time ago, but at one of the many Pfaff conventions we worked so hard at.
Guess who above - left to right - Laura Haynie, Bambie Greer, yours truly, Jane Nesbitt and Eileen (sorry babe forgot the last name, please forgive me). This was in Denver I think!

I have been trying to up date my blog for over two weeks now, and every time I get all the pictures up and ready to go - it won't upload. Try again and the same things happens again. I then had the brilliant thought to try my iPad - you can see the results, only a heading was uploaded! If this posts it is by luck more than good management as this is my third attempt once again!
I have been having a big clean up in my life lately and found these archive pictures I thought I would share with you - they date back to my Pfaff days, and thought you might have a giggle as to how things have changed.
One more thing, visit our website: (after the 16th to view our latest set of three videos to help you with Fiesta, Quilt-a-matic and I need a Little Christmas - just like having me in your sewing studio.
I will not push my luck, and try and post this blog finally. Am off to Hawaii on Sunday for 10 days and then on to Houston for the quilt show - hope to see you there.

Third time lucky!