Sunday, December 27, 2009

So this is Christmas - the Aussies Princesses and their Prince Harvey

This is our Christmas - Harvey, Sam and I. Kath, me and Harvey.

Mr Brooks always says I am his Aussie Princess and Kath found these Pink Christmas hats with Princess on them, so we thought it appropriate to wear them Christmas day.
As you can see we had a magic day and all was perfect. Lunch was at my place and we all had a magic day, filled with Bliss and Blessings - thank you God for a perfect day.
I am now up at my beach retreat - it has rained for three days, but we need it and today it has cleared a little so we are hoping for some swimming weather. Harvey, Kirstin, Cleo and Simon are in Pukett for two weeks - lucky them and so far all is just wonderful.
I hope you all had a great Christmas and that our new year is filled with dreams that materialise.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Introducing Cooper-Jay and year end

Thought you all should see my other grandson Cooper-Jay - we do not see as much of him as we would like to but love him dealy. He is two months younger than Harvey and CJ is just as beautiful. He had his first birthday just recently and this was Noo Noo's little visit with him - he also is like his dad and is very lucky as he will have a little sister in April 2010 - so then I will have three grand babies - how lovely.
We have now officially finished everything we had planned for 2009. When Dreams Flower is off to the printers with its full sized pattern sheet and instructional DVD - there will be no excuse for anyone not to be able to make this quilt and the projects as I personally show you how it is all done. I have had a sneak preview of my When Dreams Flower fabric range and it is just magic - even better than I imagined - will save that for another blog to share with you. Harvey's Garden is almost finished and I have written the story to go with it - hope you love it. CE 26 is off to the printers and is also looking rather gorgeous.
Simon is busy finishing off his Christmas gifts - he has made everyone gifts this year - they are truly beautiful including quilts, pillows and Faux Knitting gifts - a regular little Christmas elf.
We have had extreme heat 42 degrees and today it is only like 21 degrees, so we are having extremes of temperatures.
Honey is curled up at my feet as I write this - sleeping peacefully. I am so grateful for my friends and family and for everyone who contributes to my life and happiness - I am truly blessed. Christmas is a great time to tell these people in your life how lucky you are to have them in your life. Please take this as a personal gift to everyone who reads this that you are special, loved and appreciated and and thank you for being in my life.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Starting to Feel a Lot like Christmas...

This glorious bauble was made by and given to me as a gift from Karen - just love it Karen thank you. If you want to make it Karen has generously given the directions on the Jenny Haskins' Yahoo group so log on and get the directions to make it - mine is centre stage on my tree.

Well I do not know about you but all of a sudden Christmas is almost upon us. Christmas parties, carols, decorations and that 'what do I get people' list of gifts. Each year it seems to get harder and harder, everyone I know just seems to have everything they need with most of us having so much more than we need. I keep seeing visions of the 'Little Match Girl' out in the snow peering in at the window - please remember the street children of India, Ethiopia and Bangladesh at this time - and remember those who have much are responsible for much.
As you can see my tree it up, and all my presents wrapped and tagged with the lights up and the setting for my table chosen - we will of course be eating outside as it is glorious summer here in Australia at Christmas.
We are really starting to wind down, and in doing so my adrenalin has stopped and I am sick - this happens when I have been pushing my body too hard living on adrenalin and then stop - so I am not the best, but am soldering on. (I actually think my generous little Harvey gave this to me - as his mother said how unselfish of him!)
I have lots of exciting news for you all, but will keep it until my next post .....happy Christmas preparation with all its peace, joy, forgiveness and good will.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Social Butterfly & Harvey's Garden pics

Well after teasing you with my very bad pics here is the CD cover for Harvey's Garden and a block stitched out. How do you all like it? We are really thrilled with it and it will be great fun do embroider for the kids 'T' shirts, shorts, wall hanging, quilts etc just fun Little critters to embroider.
Had a great week-end half way through my Christmas shopping - oh glee, tree is up, lights on most of the gifts wrapped and we are getting there. Wonderful Bangladeshi dinner on Saturday evening cooked by Jodie (Simon's best friend who announced she is having a baby in June how magical). Simon, Kirstin, Cleo, Harvey, Anne and George were all dinner guests it was a beautiful evening with Harvey eventually crashing in his dad arms around 10:30 - he was just so good.
Sunday out for lunch with the family and then on to a party at 'our' Robbie's - all her oldest friends - I was a bit of a ring in - but had a wonderful evening and the food was delectable - Robbie and John were great hosts.
Jo my designer got her black belt in Karate on the week-end along with the two of us designing CE in between our social and family lives. CE is looking rather gorgeous actually.
Oh guess what - I should see the first story boards for my When Dreams Flower fabric range this week - very exciting indeed.
Simon and Robbie are working on the sashing for Harvey's Garden quilt - wait till you see it - it is such fun.
Well Honey is already in bed, so I am following suit.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When Dreams Flower Book Cover!! Yipee

Well here it is finally the cover of When Dreams Flower everyone is just thrilled that the book is finished - it will be off to the printers soon. Jo our designer did a magic design job and of course Tom's photography is unbeatable.

It is such a good feeling to see something come together and look so amazing. There are always final things that need to be looked at but basically our task is completed. Now on to the next thing CE No 26 - all the text and photography is done and now it is in Jo's hands again. Simon and Robbie are busy designing and working on amazing projects - will share them as they are finished.

Well on that note I am off to bed - I deserve it - fancy being in bed before 1:00am for a change!