Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Back to reality and exciting new products

I trust you have all received our flier about all our new products- this is sooooo exciting. Nine new design collections that include not only the designs but the directions to make the projects that are pictured on the front cover - you want more? Well there is more. We now have six videos on our site for the following:
1 Perfect Bliss
2 Fiesta
3 I Need a Little Christmas
4 Quilt-a-magic
5 A Little French Chic
6 I Feel Pretty

Create along with me as I guide you step-by-step through these projects - with the directions and the designs on the Special Edition design collections and now Videos so there is no excuse for you not to soar with the eagles! I hope you enjoy these amazingly easy and fun projects.

And yes for those who want a little more you are catered for also.

Bit under the weather today as I am having a tooth inplant and my dentist visit was quite harrowing. Took two hours to get the root out of the bone with a lot of tugging - bit off with the fairies today. Pain killers are my best friends at present!

Will hopefully have pictures for next time, so in the meantime go to www.jennyhaskins.com to see all the new products and to download the. Keels.


1 comment:

  1. I have finally started on my Quilt a Matic. Looks fabulous so far.
    As always you inspire me more and more every day Jenny.

    Cant wait to see what is next!