Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Coffee and Cream Collection

Robbie and I have been very busy creatively since Simon has been on a very very successful teaching tour of the USA.

Thought I should share what we have been up to and hope you all like it. We love it and are excited about the results and a new design collection called Coffee & Cream. And when will this be available, I would say around the middle to the end of April - you are just going to love, love, love the creative options you will have with this fabulous design collection.

Now you can start choosing your fabrics and threads. We used silk and the designs are both embroidered and appliqued just sew much fun!!

Have had a very busy day, personal trainer in the morning (after I had finished our Coffee & Cream quilt and pillow), out to the beautician in the afternoon, (after I had posted pictures to www.Facebook.com/jennyhaskinsdesigns1 and now out for dinner. Tomorrow am off to have a weekend in the city with my sister.

So happy, Simon is home on Friday. Must run and get ready for dinner.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Robbie and Jenny are having a Creative Burst

Well time is passing so fast, Simon has been away nearly a month now. He has been 'on the road' since Puyallup and has been having amazing workshops and classes. He (and Patti) have just finished up in Lansing Michigan with Anita and Brian, they have all had an amazing time. Congratulations to everyone.

I have been sharing with everyone on www.Facebook.com/JennyHaskinsDesigns1 what Robbie and I have been working on since Simon has been away. So thought I had better share it with my Blog readers also, so you will not feel left out.

Here is stage one: fabric and color choices and our Embroidered Decoupage layout:

Stage two, quilting and attaching the center embroidery:

And this is where we are at now, how do you think we are progressing? All the embroidered is stitched in place, now we are up to the borders which are already quilted and ready to be attached with the Jenny Join.

Sorry the pictures are amazing, but they are giving you the idea. It is an old gold colored background and very hard to get the actual color right, but it is looking beautiful. I used an open decorative stitch to quilt the background fabric - wait till you see the borders.

Well must fly, am off to Yoga - wait for the next installment!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Team JH Success in Puyallup

Congratulations to Team JH, Simon, Patti, Meg, Rita, Paula and the charming Ray (who can do no wrong in the eyes of the 'girls' who worked the stand) who all worked so hard on the Quality Sew and Vacc JH stand in Puyallup. It was a great success you are all heros. Ricky said,
'Puyallup reports sound as if our JH Team out performed all other vendors. I'm very proud of their accomplishments', so again Congratulations!!!

I must pay special homage to my beautiful son Simon (who celebrated his 36th birthday, (working) on the 2nd March), I have had so many emails about your classes and your amazing new design set Simon's Applique Magic.

Everyone just loved, loved your fabulous new design set - Simon's Applique Magic, so if you have not purchased this design set yet, you are missing out on a treat!!

As promised here is the back of the quilt we showed in the last blog.

How good is this, soft pretty colors one side and fabulous bolder country colors on the other side. Just wonderful Simon!!!

Yes Robbie and I are working on another amazing design set - so we will give you a sneak peak next blog.