Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I am proud to present 'Simon's Modern Ambience' quilt

How amazing is Simon's latest quilt, aptly named - Simon's Modern Ambiance'. This quilt certainly takes foundation piecing, embroidery and quilting in the hoop to a new level, not to mention built-in-stitch cutting lines for all sections of the quilt.

Simon's amazing analytical mind has designed this queen sized quilt, so that anyone can make it, from a 130mm x 180mm hoop to a 350mm x 360mm hoop. This accommodates all hoop sizes, with directions written by his assistant - MUM.

Yes I am busy finishing off the detailed directions, with step-by-step pictures to guide you effortlessly through the quilt blocks, sashing, cornerstones and borders. Even a child could make this quilt, with perhaps a little help from mum or grandma.

The quilt is pieced with the Jenny Join for perfectly flat seams as well as an almost invisible piecing of the blocks that are done in four sections.

You are just going to love all the easy, easy techniques in this quilt, with amazing results. As 'Simon says:' this is the flattest and best quilt I have ever done.

Congratulations Simon, this is amazing. We plan to launch this quilt with a webinar, giving step-by-step directions and lots of fabulous tips. So please be patient - it is coming and you are going to love everything about SMA quilt, even if you only wish to make pillows, or a throw.