Monday, September 13, 2010

Having Fun in the Sun - Spring is Here Yipee!!

I have to confess to spending time at the beach in the last month. As you can see the sun is shinning the the weather is beautiful heralding Spring. Below is a picture of my sister Sue, who took time off from her duties as a consulting Doctor (up in Brisbane) to have a long week-end at the beach with me. We had just finished our morning walk on the beach and believe it or not, as there was no one on the beach, I stripped off and went for a swim - it was magic.
Sue loves to pose for pictures so here she is on a rock platform with the beautiful sea behind her taking time out after one of our morning walks. Cleo, Kirstin and gorgeous Harvey came down to visit on Sunday and of course Noo Noo had to get Harvey a present - he chose a Wheelie Bin (Trash can) only pint sized - he would not let it go and would let no one touch it - even took it to bed with him. He had to practise taking it out to the road and back again in anticipation of trash day!

Spring is now finally here and I am so happy, I am a true Sun worshipper and just love the warm sunny days. Below is a picture of my daughter Sam and myself at Cockle Bay, (opposite side to Darling Harbour), last Sunday having lunch - the weather was glorious and the harbour sparkling blue with the sea gulls enjoying tit bits that were thrown to them. The food is always perfect at Nick's Seafood restaurant not to mention the Mojito's! I got into trouble from both Simon and Sam as I had not up dated this blog for a while - imagine my surprise when I realised my last posting was on the 20 of August. I have been spending more time at Toowoon Bay taking a week off enjoying the first day of Spring which was 24 degrees and the water is 18 degrees so all was perfect. Robbie was also up at the beach so we enjoyed leisurely strolls along the beach and a coffee at a little cafe that overlooks the bay. This became our ritual with our little white companions Honey and Mitzie - we never take this amount of time off, but we thought it time we stopped and smelled the daisies.

On the home front, Simon is home for a brief period, (check out Simon's teaching schedule for October on our web site) during which we celebrated Harvey's second birthday up at the beach. We all had the best of days, and could not believe that it was two years since Harvey was born. He is such a bright little thing leaving me saying, 'Talk to you on the phone Noo Noo, luv you.' Quite the little charmer like his father!
Yes we have been working, the Special Edition project based design CD's have been an amazing success and everyone has loved them so thank you for your support.

We have finished CE 29, which looks fabulous - this is our Christmas edition so is filled with wonderful holiday ideas and projects, not to mention Christmas gift ideas. Jazzy & Me patterns are now released and only cost $12.95 each, with the projects being so much fun and so easy - perfect if you just want to sew for fun or to start someone sewing. Kirstin, Harvey's mum came down one day and made an owl pillow had it finished in under an hours and she is just starting to sew.
Well will save the cover of CE 29 for the next blog and some teaser pics. I have caught everyone up to date and now do not feel so guilty for not being for punctual with my blogs - hope you are all well and happy and God is smiling on you.