Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Simon is Home, When Dreams Flower has arrived and Happy Easter

Well Simon is finally home - after five weeks on the road - we are all so happy to have him home safe and sound and none more than his son Harvey. Yes Harvey is on the front cover of CE No 27 - which is on track to be out on time - beginning of May yippee - I just saw the colour proofs and they are beautiful. Speaking of CE - finally No 26 has arrived in the US - thank you to everyone who has patiently waited for their copy to arrive. As one lady wrote to me, ' You can't wait too long for anything that is really good!' Thank you everyone for your patience.

Simon had a wonderful time on his teaching/lecturing tour and made lots of new friends as well as catching up with old friends. We all missed him and we (his family) are all catching up for Easter this week end.

I have lots of goodies to show you that Robbie and I have been working on, but have not had time to take any pictures so that will be for the next blog.

When Dreams Flower (the book) has arrived in Australia and has been dispatched this week to everyone who has pre-ordered it - so if you pre-ordered When Dreams Flower from us then your copy is winging its way to you - I have already heard that some people have theirs already. The books came in late Monday afternoon and we have been shipping for the past two days with the last lot going out tomorrow. Hope you all love it as much as we did producing it.

Well I am off up the coast tomorrow with Robbie and so will wish you all a Gloriously Happy Easter and will catch up again - with new pictures next week.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Robbie and I are still having fun - Facinator Scarf and Sammie Snail and his New Friends!


With the eminent
release of When Dreams Flower - the books are in Australia and now we are only for them to leave the wharf - RNK Distributing have just released Faux Knitting kits to go with the technique of the same name a technique launched in When Dreams Flower.

These kits have six balls of coordinated yarns and two yards of Dissolve Magic Sticky to make Faux Knitting fabric - scarf, hat, gloves wrap - all the directions are in When Dreams Flower.
This is a great starter kit for you to have a play.

Simon sent us home some sample yarns and Robbie and I could not wait to use them - this is what we made a Fascinater Scarf. The actual scarf took no longer than an hour from beginning to end - how quick and easy was this?

We then use used yarns (sandwiched between two layers of Dissolve Magic Sticky) as the applique fabric inserts for flower designs taken from Applique Magic design CD, stitched over hooped Dissolve Magic.

Of course we had to embellish the embroidery with feathers, crystals, beads and a glorious trim that Simon sent us home (centred in the pink flowers) and then attached the yarn embroideries to the scarf with Magic Tac machine washable fabric glue.

Here I am modeling this in a Cashmere top coat in 34 degree heat - I nearly passed out I was so hot - the things we do! Trust me Robbie had to be really quick with the photos!


Sammie Snail and His New Friends - an embroidered rag story book taken from Harvey's Garden . This is an embroidered cloth book including picture pages and text pages. We think it is gorgeous, with the embroidery designs being embellished with crystals and additional pen drawings which add to the pictures on each page.



These pages are all on Harvey's Garden design CD so they can be stitched out in one or two hoopings - you will just love it. Ange Ross from Canada just emailed me and said she has started her book - way to go Ange. Harvey just loves his - come on Nanas this is something special for that beloved grand baby - a real family heir loom so get started.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Still having Fun!! Peaches' Purses and Slippery Dip!

Simon was at Sharman's in Longview in TX last week - yes this is the lady who we named Sharman's Vintage Garden book after - well she has lost a lot of weight and was just so thrilled to fit into my Faux Knitted coat, which of course you have seen on this site - they sent me a picture - she looks amazing and yes the coat fits perfectly now a size 6 - how good is this.

Here are our Peaches Purses stitch outs - just the beginning, so many more to come - you will just love the CD when it comes out maybe at the end of April!

Well Simon has been away for three weeks now - and as you can see Robbie and I are still having so much fun. The purse designs stitch out amazingly well using Tearaway Magic fusible and Tearaway - not a stitch missed! Yippee. We have sent these over to Simon for the VDTA along with the leopard skin skirt and purse as well as our Krinkle Magic Pillows - they all look fabulous and great new techniques. Look out for Patti she will have my skirt on!

On the week-end, Aunty Sa Sa - Simon's baby sister and I had a wonderful day looking after our beautiful Harvey - he was perfect all day and did enjoy the slippery dip amongst other things on the play gym. He was up from 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night with only a little nap.

Of course finishing the day off in a beautiful hotel room over looking Darling Harbour and watching the boats having cheese and crackers with Noo Noo finished the day off perfectly - to be honest Noo Noo needed to be up on the bed more than Harvey! The day and week ended perfectly.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Robbie and Jenny Play while Simon is away!!

Well here it is another week almost gone. Thought you might like to see what Robbie and I have been doing while Simon is away!
We have been having a real fashion bonanza. Remember are few blogs ago I gave a link to a site that showed a great skirt my girlfriend Sue made - well she sent me a package (when I saw the fabric I thought how sweet she has made made me a skirt) - no such luck but the fabric is fabulous and Robbie and I got together to make a skirt and here it is using Margaret's Magnificent Melody. The fabric is slightly stretchy and Robbie just took a pattern off one of my pencil skirts. The bottom of the skirt has a false hem using red silk backed with of course Sheer Magic the flowers are embroidered and applied to the finished skirt using the Embroidered Decoupage technique as seen in Jenny's Heritage, When Dreams Flower and on the Get Creative Video - the technique is easy, fun, creative and fool proof.
We have also been having amazing fun with Peaches' Purses (based on the candy wrapper purse) they are just gorgeous - so you can see we are just having a ball. You will see pictures of these in a future blogs.
Good news CE 26 is finally in (in Australia that is) and it looks amazing, we had forgotten how beautiful it is - so everyone who has been patiently waiting thank you and hope you get your copy soon. And we have just finished CE 27 - which also looks great - I will have the front cover up soon to show you.
Another good lot of news is the we have received our advance copies of When Dreams Flower and it is a beautiful book - should arrive in Australia next week and then go out to everyone who has ordered the next week.
Had an amazing week-end with Harvey, Kirstin, Cleo, Sam and Peaches will post some pictures in my next blog.
Well my favourite TV show is on - so I am off to join Honey on the bed. Till next time - Love the life you live.
We ha

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sneak Peek at When Dreams Flower Fabric out July 2010

How cool is this - you are the first to have a preview of our new fabric range When Dreams Flower taken from and to go with the book and quilt of the same name. From time to time I will show you more of the range it is just so glorious.
Fabric that emulates embroidery - for those who do not have an embroidery machine and fabric to go with embroidery for those who are lucky enough to have one - the creative possibilities are just endless. We are thrilled the Mickey from Windham Fabrics let us start showing our friends what we have been doing - the range will be launched at Spring Market and be available in July 2010. In the meantime When Dreams Flower book should be available by the last week in March so make sure you have ordered yours so you will not miss out and know everything you need before the fabric is released.
I know I am behind in posting this blog but we have been so busy with Simon away, editing CE 27 (and yes CE 26 has not landed yet but should be here next week) thank you for your patience as well as working with exciting new designs - wait till you see what Robbie and I have been up to while Simon is away.
By the way Simon had a wonderful time in Puyallup and it was great for him to catch up with our old friends and make new ones. Thank you to everyone who sent me their love and best wishes, I miss seeing you all, but am so enjoying being creative.
Am fighting the flu, has been a long few weeks, so am now off to bed - have a great week.