Friday, August 20, 2010

Special Edition, Project Based Design CD's


I cannot believe it has been over a month since I up dated my blog - sorry everyone, my life is over whelming me at present. I am sure you all know this feeling - and I had another birthday which at my age is very depressing - not sure I like the alternative as yet.

Well we have been very busy with new products and ideas, but firstly check out our new web site design and all the new products. I am sure you will all love our new Special Editions project based design CDs. We now have complete directions plus all the embroidery designs to make many of our out of print most popular quilt patterns.

The Jazzy and Me patterns are not quite ready, but we are close to it, hopefully they will be available in early September - it is me who is holding everything up, as the the covers are complete and the pattern sheets done, I just need to write the directions, but I have been busy with CE 29 - which by the way looks amazing with over 40 holiday gift ideas in it.

In the meantime here is a preview of the one of the Jazzy & Me pattern covers. hope you like it. I had Kirstin test trial one of the patterns and she just loved it and had a T'wit T'wit Tawoo owl pillow done in around an 1 1/2 hours - she thought herself just so clever and that she was!

I have had a tiny break - went up to my beach escape for an extended week-end and did have some much needed time out. The weather was magic and I had my first swim for the season and it is still winter!

My special project has been to put a Gazebo in my front lawn - it looks so cute and perfect for sitting in the winter sun reading a book, watching Cooper-Jay and Honey having a play in the sun. It was lovely getting out in the garden again planting pansies and polyanthas and their bright little faces seem to be smiling!

Well I shall leave you with a picture of what it looks like and a promise to try and keep things more up to date in the future.