Friday, July 13, 2012

Academy News, New Baby and Pinterest

Well it has been nearly a month since my last blog - shame on me! Simon is home now and it will not be long till he is off to the US again.! We are frantically getting ready for our Quilting Academy which starts in September (anther sneak peak of one of the projects above), and then Robbie and I are working on the next Ministry projects (which by the way are simply scrumptious!

Congratulations to the following 2012 Academy Graduates who have finished (ahead of time I might add) their required accreditation projects (and more in some cases), you are all eagles and soaring high!

Connie Hinkle (8 projects completed)
Janine Fraser (17 projects completed)
Judy Franklin (8 projects completed)
Meg Covat (8 projects completed)
Kristine Berg (8 projects completed)
Nancy Herring (11 projects completed)
Carol Cambell (13 projects completed)
Claire Marquis (8)
Nancy Ranks (10)
Many of our past accredited graduates have backed up for the Quilting Academy, we do look forward to working with you all again. Just a reminder that the Quilting Academy is still open for a few more weeks, so if you want to be motivated, creative, educated and inspired register now!

Add into all this I have been up to see my new Granddaughter Frankie, she is just beautiful, such a happy little soul. Harvey is growing into a beautiful little man, and is so good to his new sister.

My other granddaughter Zoey is doing so well, she has good days and better days, but is always happy - such a joy and her mum Kimmy is so strong and positive we all take a day at a time.

I am totally addicted to Pinterest, and see many of you on there pinning away. I just love my boards, looking at them is like taking a holiday with everything I love. You can view my boards JennyGray Haskins(01). I have some fabulous concepts which you will see in the future from Pinterest. My back garden is full of Pinterest ideas and looks glorious.

I have been a bit slack with Twitter and Facebook due to Pinterest, but will be catching up.- and to think I promised to blog everyday - little did I know.

Well taking a break and out to dinner now - till next time!