Sunday, November 6, 2011

Last day in Houston and then home to Aussie

Well here we are at the last day at Houston! So good to be well and catch up with all our fellow quilters and embroiderers, it has been a blast. So much fun seeing people in my workshops (three a day no less) converted to the gospel of 'just because it is beautiful; it doesn't mean it is hard'! Everyone went a way with a smile in their eyes and a new belief in themselves that they could do anything.

I cannot wait to see what comes next in the world of quilting and embroidery. In the meantime we are off home tomorrow with so many exciting ideas new concepts to keep in touch and keep everyone busy, so stay tuned to your email blasts so you do not miss out on our future plans - very exciting times we live in.

Please don't get used to these frequent posts, by the way, but it has been my mission to keep everyone posted while I am away - holiday or not.

I am having a love affair with my iPad, just love love it! Am also getting used to the touch key board.

Now on with the show.

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