Sunday, August 28, 2011

What's New and What's Coming!!

Well this is my forth attempt at posting this blog - oh how I hate technology sometimes it is just so fickle.

Well Simon is at Baby Lock Tech in St. Louis and this is his latest quilt finished - Fiesta - it is simply glorious and you will love our next Special Edition when it comes out later in September.

Also we have been working on a Christmas Special Edition - I Need a Little Christmas now.. Christmas Advent calendar - so quick and easy with all the quilting done in the hoop for you - with little Embroidered Decoupage (r) heart pockets - looks beautiful.

Also I have finally finished the instructions for A Place in the Sun what till you see what is in store for you in this book - the very first quilt completely quilted in the hoop and pieced with the Jenny Join for perfectly flat seams - even a dedicated quilter will not be able to tell how it has been done - you are going to just love this technique.

We have lots or more exciting things coming up for our creative followers - speaking of which our Academy finishes next week - wow what a creative ride this has been and the attendees have made such amazing projects - even more that one of each. So if you get a chance to learn from any of theses talented ladies, then do not miss the opportunity they are just the best.

Till next time and I hope I can post this blog - nearly put bog as it truly has bogged me down!

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  1. Dearest Jenny and Simon, Thank you for the wonderful Academy! As always you share so much and life up our spirt and creativity. I am enjoying my projects and look forward to all the new and wonderful ventures ahead!!