Saturday, July 23, 2011

Online Academy first projects FINISHED!

I thought it only fair that I share what Elaine, from Aussie, has already finished towards her accreditation to become a Jenny Haskins Accredited Tutor! How good is she, like an eagle soaring out of sight. Above and below are pictures of Elaine's Wisteria Floating Diamonds Blouse front view and back view below. Not only did she complete her blouse but taught her sister Shirley also!

Now that is an over achiever!

Below are Elaine's Twin Needle Shadow Work Guest Towel and her Sapphire Applique Doiley, they are beautiful as is she.

Well Elaine has put out a challenge to all our academy students, you don't have to wait for the 1st of August, start when ever you wish, Elaine went by the printed directions, power point and our video (even though we repeated one part in the Floating Diamonds Blouse- Elaine said it just endorsed what she had to do! She was being very kind however we doubled up on part of it and re joined the video in the wrong spot - we are learning also.

Thank you Elaine for sharing these with us, I know you will inspire many of our students!

Now I can hardly wait to see who will be out next student to send in pictures!


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