Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some days it doesn't pay to get up and take the cat off your head!

Hey Norman (Foster) remember this - long time ago, but at one of the many Pfaff conventions we worked so hard at.
Guess who above - left to right - Laura Haynie, Bambie Greer, yours truly, Jane Nesbitt and Eileen (sorry babe forgot the last name, please forgive me). This was in Denver I think!

I have been trying to up date my blog for over two weeks now, and every time I get all the pictures up and ready to go - it won't upload. Try again and the same things happens again. I then had the brilliant thought to try my iPad - you can see the results, only a heading was uploaded! If this posts it is by luck more than good management as this is my third attempt once again!
I have been having a big clean up in my life lately and found these archive pictures I thought I would share with you - they date back to my Pfaff days, and thought you might have a giggle as to how things have changed.
One more thing, visit our website: www.jennyhaskins.com (after the 16th to view our latest set of three videos to help you with Fiesta, Quilt-a-matic and I need a Little Christmas - just like having me in your sewing studio.
I will not push my luck, and try and post this blog finally. Am off to Hawaii on Sunday for 10 days and then on to Houston for the quilt show - hope to see you there.

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