Monday, August 19, 2013

Life throws me a Curve Ball

It has been nearly three months since I wrote my Blog. So much has happened since April 28.

Simon released his amazing Simon's Applique Magic technique and design CD. By the way if you have not downloaded the directions for his two quilts and the FREE additional designs, you are missing out. Please click on this link (scroll to bottom of page) to download the directions and the designs: This is an amazing new technique.

We also released our latest CD Coffee and Cream design CD. This includes an eBook as well with the directions to make the glorious little quilt. It is just so easy with fabulous quilted background, using gold metallic thread, with all the designs using Jenny's oh so easy Embroidered Decoupage technique. The other great thing is the designs can be stitched on a 225mm x 140mm hoop upwards.

The our curve ball struck. Out of the blue Simon was diagnosed with 'T ALL cell Lymphoma, Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, with an 18cm x 13cm x 8cm tumor in his chest, which nearly killed him. This followed with 46 days in hospital - including a week in ICU and 35 days on Steroids and chemo, six lumbar punctures and more out patient Chemo. He is home, now just had his lumbar puncture and if his white cell count comes up, back on Chemo again. You can follow his journey on: G. Haskins

Well today is a good day, the lumbar puncture went well and Cy is safely home and resting. Thank you everyone for your love and support at this difficult time in all our lives.

PS I have been trying to keep up with everything - yes I have been working on another design collection and eBook, but this is coming, as well as a new website design - very exciting.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Catching up and what one artist did with APS

Been a while since I have posted a blog, been pretty busy, sick and the weather in Sydney has been more like summer then winter. The days have been gloriously sunny, and being a 'sun bunny' I have just so enjoyed being out side.

All is exciting at present with our release of Coffee & Cream (go to: to view this stunning rendition of silk, lace, amazing quilting and of course inspiring embroidery designs!

We have also re-released Jenny's Heritage as an eBook on a CD. This is not only a fabulous quilt, but an amazing learning experience, so if you want to create and learn, then this is for you. Not only are the directions for the quilt on the CD, but for fabulous pillows also. So let your creativity fly!

Speaking of creativity, let me introduce Nilda Lebron. Her daughter emailed me that her mum spoke little English but had completed the A Place in the Sun  quilt. She sent me lots of photos so I thought I would share these with you - truly inspirational.

Nilda Lebron

Nilda used a decorative stitch to cover the Jenny Join. The results are stunning - one would not think these were seams rather a fabulous decorative addition A Place in the Sun

Bakc of quilt and pillows. Nilda made pillows - scalloped borders and all from her sample stitch-outs!

Nilda's version of A Place in the Sun  - front view - love the colors Congratulations Nilda  

Front of quilt on bed and matching pillows!

I love seeing what artists do with our designs - this is simply the best. A Place in the Sun quilt is entirely quilted and embroidered in the hoop (with built-in-stitch cutting lines). There is no chance of error - so if you have a 7 1/2in square hoop or larger this is a must for you!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Busy Easter and More

'Bug...' I just lost everything I had already written - so frustrating, and more so, I have not a clue how I lost the whole post, which I had just finished!

Starting again....

I spent Easter up at Toowoon Bay, at my holiday escape, had not been up since the end of January, my the year is just flying by!!

Robbie and I had a couple of days shopping, swimming and worshiping the sun, topped up my tan beautifully - weather was perfect and the water warm.

April is the most popular month for Birthday's in our family with Mum, Dad and Sammie all being born in April. Our newest April baby is Frankie (Simon, Kirstin and Clea's daughter), she turned one on April 1. Unfortunately I have no pictures as she was sick when I went up to see her on March 31, however there is a beautiful picture of her and her mum on my Facebook page: We had an Easter Egg hunt with Harvery (Britty helped the 'Easter Bunny' hide 64 eggs, all of which Harvey found and then mum (Cleo) opened Frankie's birthday gifts!

Harvey came home with me and had a slumber party with me, Kyle and Britty, - slumber we did not as after him falling asleep (finally at around 11:00 - too much going on and he and Kyle were watching Cars II) he awoke at 3:00 stating his eyes would not stay shut!! So sleep was no more for either of us!

Britty styled Harvey's hair, we think he looks so handsome!

Above he is cuddled up on the couch - so cute!!

Then my other beautiful granddaughter Zoey had her third birthday on April 2 - we celebrated this on April 1 along with Easter. Easter Egg hunt with big brother Cooper-Jay was an amazing success - chocolate all round and then it was present time. What fun, noice, running around and general joy!

Glasses from Noo Noo and dress from Uncle Simon and there is no way Zoey is letting her card go! Not dirt on her forehead, rather glue from her EEG, she is holding her own nicely.

'No this card is mine and Cooper-Jay you are not opening it'. Bunny hair clip from 'Easter Bunny' looks so cute.

Me I had a brief routine trip to hospital yesterday, results good, so yesterday was La La land as Simon put it - said I was quite loopy - certainly was on a high after the anesthetic!

Today finished directions for Coffee and Cream - now in Simon's hands along with Jenny's Heritage eBook, so he will be kept very busy. We also have webinars next week, and so time marches along.

Just got back from the gym, PT to morrow, so have to keep my training up or I will get a bad mark!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Coffee and Cream Collection

Robbie and I have been very busy creatively since Simon has been on a very very successful teaching tour of the USA.

Thought I should share what we have been up to and hope you all like it. We love it and are excited about the results and a new design collection called Coffee & Cream. And when will this be available, I would say around the middle to the end of April - you are just going to love, love, love the creative options you will have with this fabulous design collection.

Now you can start choosing your fabrics and threads. We used silk and the designs are both embroidered and appliqued just sew much fun!!

Have had a very busy day, personal trainer in the morning (after I had finished our Coffee & Cream quilt and pillow), out to the beautician in the afternoon, (after I had posted pictures to and now out for dinner. Tomorrow am off to have a weekend in the city with my sister.

So happy, Simon is home on Friday. Must run and get ready for dinner.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Robbie and Jenny are having a Creative Burst

Well time is passing so fast, Simon has been away nearly a month now. He has been 'on the road' since Puyallup and has been having amazing workshops and classes. He (and Patti) have just finished up in Lansing Michigan with Anita and Brian, they have all had an amazing time. Congratulations to everyone.

I have been sharing with everyone on what Robbie and I have been working on since Simon has been away. So thought I had better share it with my Blog readers also, so you will not feel left out.

Here is stage one: fabric and color choices and our Embroidered Decoupage layout:

Stage two, quilting and attaching the center embroidery:

And this is where we are at now, how do you think we are progressing? All the embroidered is stitched in place, now we are up to the borders which are already quilted and ready to be attached with the Jenny Join.

Sorry the pictures are amazing, but they are giving you the idea. It is an old gold colored background and very hard to get the actual color right, but it is looking beautiful. I used an open decorative stitch to quilt the background fabric - wait till you see the borders.

Well must fly, am off to Yoga - wait for the next installment!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Team JH Success in Puyallup

Congratulations to Team JH, Simon, Patti, Meg, Rita, Paula and the charming Ray (who can do no wrong in the eyes of the 'girls' who worked the stand) who all worked so hard on the Quality Sew and Vacc JH stand in Puyallup. It was a great success you are all heros. Ricky said,
'Puyallup reports sound as if our JH Team out performed all other vendors. I'm very proud of their accomplishments', so again Congratulations!!!

I must pay special homage to my beautiful son Simon (who celebrated his 36th birthday, (working) on the 2nd March), I have had so many emails about your classes and your amazing new design set Simon's Applique Magic.

Everyone just loved, loved your fabulous new design set - Simon's Applique Magic, so if you have not purchased this design set yet, you are missing out on a treat!!

As promised here is the back of the quilt we showed in the last blog.

How good is this, soft pretty colors one side and fabulous bolder country colors on the other side. Just wonderful Simon!!!

Yes Robbie and I are working on another amazing design set - so we will give you a sneak peak next blog.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Version of Simon's Applique Magic

We are all working hard, I am even sitting at the sewing machine - a thing I rarely do these days, but must say I do miss it and enjoy it when I do. I do love to sit and sew. Thought I would share the Simon's Applique Magic quilt made with the 7 1/2in blocks using the Jenny Join and the 1/4in bias tape. By the way this gorgeous quilt is also double sided!

This quilt is another example of what is on Simon's Applique Magic design CD - a design CD that caters to every hoop size!

This vibrant little pillow is made with four 6in designs, pieced with the Jenny Join to make a 12in block, which is made up into a fabulous pillow.

Go Simon, you are just so clever, we just love these designs. More in the next blog!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Yahoo Simon's Applique Magic - is just that MAGIC

Simon's Applique Magic designs have finally been shipped to RNK Jenny Haskins Division! This is fabulous news, but the best news is that these designs cater for ALL HOOP SIZES 5in, 6in, 7 1/2in, 10in and 12in. The blocks can be made up as one 12in block (as a single design or four pieced 6in designs),, 10in block (made from four pieced 5in designs),  or a single    7 1/2in block. The pieced blocks are easily pieced with the now world famous Jenny Join, which is even made easier as Simon has his built-in-stitch cutting lines!

Monday, February 11, 2013

2012 Quilting Academy Graduates - Congratulations

Vintage Pillow

Pink and Green Table runner

Denim Shirt
Well the 2012 Jenny Haskins Academy of Accredited Quilters is finished - Congratulations to all graduates and especially our 10 Master Graduates. Above are the additional projects required to receive not only a graduation blue ribbon but a Masters Cap.

Our feed back has been amazing with everyone commenting on how much they enjoyed the journey, how much the learnt and how great the webinars, videos and directions were. As for me I am over the moon with pride at the accomplishment of the attendees. The standard has been exceptional in craftsmanship and overall color choices. We will be opening up the gallery to the public next week after graduation so everyone can see how clever these amazing woman are.


Congratulations to everyone who completed the required Quilt-a-Lot quilt for the JHAAQ in the allotted time frame!

Lynn Kramer - USA
Linda Ryers - USA
Fiona Osmond - Australia
Charlotte Wright - USA
Venitta McCall - USA
Sheila Godes - USA
Sheri Roach - USA
Dolly Underwood - USA
Keryl Enright - Australia
Robyn Johnston - Australia
Diane Pirtle - USA
Rita Gamela - USA
Carol Bonetti - USA
Terri Brooks - USA
Lani Magnuson - USA
Jo-Allyn Brown – USA
Judy Franklin - USA
Janet Bray - USA
Jean Pierce - USA
Cindy Lucovsky - USA
Edith Goss - Canada
JoAnn Black - USA
Frances DeFer - USA
Kathy Smith - USA
Debbie Shackleton -Australia
Georgi Smith - Australia
Nancy Herring - USA
Maureen Campbell - Australia
Nancy Ranks - USA
Shirley Chiang – USA

Special accolades to our nine Masters who completed all projects!

Bonita Schreiber - USA
Jill Wilcox - Australia
Elaine Pollard - Australia
Karen Hellmund - USA
Michelle Kratzer - USA
Gina Hodges - USA
Judi Archibald - USA
Danise Naffa - Australia
Liz Oberstar – Australia

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Simon's Applique Magic - yeah!!! Over a 1,000 likes on facebook/jennyhaskinsdesigns

A picture is worth 1,000 words! Wow aren't these amazing. Simon has been working on this design set for over three months, and the results speak for themselves. Simon's Applique Magic, is a new design set with over 200 designs are for 5in x 7in hoop and larger!! Even if you have an older machine you can take advantage of these unique quilting designs - and what is more the blocks are totally double-sided and the design CD comes with a pair of Jenny Haskins branded squeezy scissors! You don't have to think of spending thousands of dollars on software to create quilting in the hoop, Simon has done it all for you (as well as having built-in cutting lines) with such design sets as:

A Place in the Sun
Alphabet for Lennox
Piece de Resistance
Applique Magic

Special thank you to everyone who 'LIKED' jennyhaskinsdesigns1 on Facebook we are so excited to exceed 1,000 'likes' yahoo!! You can also view all the blocks, (both sides) on this Facebook page for Simon's Applique Magic.

If you did not attend our webinar with RNK Jenny Haskins Division, you missed a treat, as there is a special offer on Simon's Applique Magic design set - not to be missed as well as a 25% discount on all our designs sets and books - do not miss out on this whatever you do!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I am finally back at my desk - here comes 2013

This is how I am feeling right now!!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and are getting back into the swing of things.

Me I am totally behind the eight ball at present, but have a few surprises in store for myself and others too!

Simon has made me promise that I will write in my blog twice a week - no promises, but I will try.

My Yoga is going well, I am back at it and I am now working with a personal trainer, want to tone up my upper arms so they are stronger - we will see. I am totally tanned, not quite at the terrific state, but working on it.

Wait for my next blog and see what Simon has been doing - he has worked through the holiday season and has some amazing things to share and if you are not already doing it please 'like' our Face book for Jenny Haskins Designs: www.facebook/jennyhaskinsdesigns1 this will keep you up to date daily on what Simon is doing, he is amazing.

Just to keep you interested, here is out next Ministry of Sewing module 1:6 you will love this, a new twist on Simon's Piece de Resistance CD, quilt and technique. What do you think? All done in the hoop and totally double sided!!