Sunday, December 27, 2009

So this is Christmas - the Aussies Princesses and their Prince Harvey

This is our Christmas - Harvey, Sam and I. Kath, me and Harvey.

Mr Brooks always says I am his Aussie Princess and Kath found these Pink Christmas hats with Princess on them, so we thought it appropriate to wear them Christmas day.
As you can see we had a magic day and all was perfect. Lunch was at my place and we all had a magic day, filled with Bliss and Blessings - thank you God for a perfect day.
I am now up at my beach retreat - it has rained for three days, but we need it and today it has cleared a little so we are hoping for some swimming weather. Harvey, Kirstin, Cleo and Simon are in Pukett for two weeks - lucky them and so far all is just wonderful.
I hope you all had a great Christmas and that our new year is filled with dreams that materialise.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Introducing Cooper-Jay and year end

Thought you all should see my other grandson Cooper-Jay - we do not see as much of him as we would like to but love him dealy. He is two months younger than Harvey and CJ is just as beautiful. He had his first birthday just recently and this was Noo Noo's little visit with him - he also is like his dad and is very lucky as he will have a little sister in April 2010 - so then I will have three grand babies - how lovely.
We have now officially finished everything we had planned for 2009. When Dreams Flower is off to the printers with its full sized pattern sheet and instructional DVD - there will be no excuse for anyone not to be able to make this quilt and the projects as I personally show you how it is all done. I have had a sneak preview of my When Dreams Flower fabric range and it is just magic - even better than I imagined - will save that for another blog to share with you. Harvey's Garden is almost finished and I have written the story to go with it - hope you love it. CE 26 is off to the printers and is also looking rather gorgeous.
Simon is busy finishing off his Christmas gifts - he has made everyone gifts this year - they are truly beautiful including quilts, pillows and Faux Knitting gifts - a regular little Christmas elf.
We have had extreme heat 42 degrees and today it is only like 21 degrees, so we are having extremes of temperatures.
Honey is curled up at my feet as I write this - sleeping peacefully. I am so grateful for my friends and family and for everyone who contributes to my life and happiness - I am truly blessed. Christmas is a great time to tell these people in your life how lucky you are to have them in your life. Please take this as a personal gift to everyone who reads this that you are special, loved and appreciated and and thank you for being in my life.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Starting to Feel a Lot like Christmas...

This glorious bauble was made by and given to me as a gift from Karen - just love it Karen thank you. If you want to make it Karen has generously given the directions on the Jenny Haskins' Yahoo group so log on and get the directions to make it - mine is centre stage on my tree.

Well I do not know about you but all of a sudden Christmas is almost upon us. Christmas parties, carols, decorations and that 'what do I get people' list of gifts. Each year it seems to get harder and harder, everyone I know just seems to have everything they need with most of us having so much more than we need. I keep seeing visions of the 'Little Match Girl' out in the snow peering in at the window - please remember the street children of India, Ethiopia and Bangladesh at this time - and remember those who have much are responsible for much.
As you can see my tree it up, and all my presents wrapped and tagged with the lights up and the setting for my table chosen - we will of course be eating outside as it is glorious summer here in Australia at Christmas.
We are really starting to wind down, and in doing so my adrenalin has stopped and I am sick - this happens when I have been pushing my body too hard living on adrenalin and then stop - so I am not the best, but am soldering on. (I actually think my generous little Harvey gave this to me - as his mother said how unselfish of him!)
I have lots of exciting news for you all, but will keep it until my next post .....happy Christmas preparation with all its peace, joy, forgiveness and good will.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Social Butterfly & Harvey's Garden pics

Well after teasing you with my very bad pics here is the CD cover for Harvey's Garden and a block stitched out. How do you all like it? We are really thrilled with it and it will be great fun do embroider for the kids 'T' shirts, shorts, wall hanging, quilts etc just fun Little critters to embroider.
Had a great week-end half way through my Christmas shopping - oh glee, tree is up, lights on most of the gifts wrapped and we are getting there. Wonderful Bangladeshi dinner on Saturday evening cooked by Jodie (Simon's best friend who announced she is having a baby in June how magical). Simon, Kirstin, Cleo, Harvey, Anne and George were all dinner guests it was a beautiful evening with Harvey eventually crashing in his dad arms around 10:30 - he was just so good.
Sunday out for lunch with the family and then on to a party at 'our' Robbie's - all her oldest friends - I was a bit of a ring in - but had a wonderful evening and the food was delectable - Robbie and John were great hosts.
Jo my designer got her black belt in Karate on the week-end along with the two of us designing CE in between our social and family lives. CE is looking rather gorgeous actually.
Oh guess what - I should see the first story boards for my When Dreams Flower fabric range this week - very exciting indeed.
Simon and Robbie are working on the sashing for Harvey's Garden quilt - wait till you see it - it is such fun.
Well Honey is already in bed, so I am following suit.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When Dreams Flower Book Cover!! Yipee

Well here it is finally the cover of When Dreams Flower everyone is just thrilled that the book is finished - it will be off to the printers soon. Jo our designer did a magic design job and of course Tom's photography is unbeatable.

It is such a good feeling to see something come together and look so amazing. There are always final things that need to be looked at but basically our task is completed. Now on to the next thing CE No 26 - all the text and photography is done and now it is in Jo's hands again. Simon and Robbie are busy designing and working on amazing projects - will share them as they are finished.

Well on that note I am off to bed - I deserve it - fancy being in bed before 1:00am for a change!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Simon and Harvey's Garden and Catching up

Steve just reminded me that I had not up dated my blog since last week - where has the time gone?

I have been very focused and productive of late and am happy to report that When Dreams Flower is almost finished in design - it looks gorgeous - my part is finished and now I am on to more text for CE 26 - which is looking oh so good.

Simon had been nagging me - actually constantly nagging me to draw up designs for Harvey's Garden a children's design CD. He is just itching to get into childrens designs at present. Between him and Mr. Brooks, I had to give in - they both know how to motivate me into doing just what they want - which is not easy might I add!

When my children were small I used to draw toadstools, butterflies, snails, bees and butterflies in a magic garden and they would colour these drawings in - keeping them quiet in church, shopping centres or on rainy days - they would colour for hours. I made the plaque for Simon's room when he was around seven and he has kept it - now he is a man of 32 and still he remembers and treasures this. I had forgotten I made it - we never know how we effect our children until they are adults - how precious our time is with them when they are small.

Well I finally have drawn up all the creatures, the toadstools, clouds, sun, moon and flowers and we are stitching them out. Both Simon and I have such happy memories of our days spent together when he was young with me drawing and him colouring in my pictures as I told him stories of Sammie Snail - the lonely snail!
This is just a preview of our stitch outs - I intend to add to this picture with fabric pens - cannot wait and we will make the blocks into a quilt - eventually we want to make a quilt and I am going to write a story book to go with the quilt - this will be in my spare time of course, but I will do it. Can't you see all the possibilities for these little creatures.
Well this is keeping you up to date with our studio - Simon is also working on another quilt for his dad for Christmas, Robbie is making her mum a foot warmer for her new apartment - me I am glued to my computer. However on the week-end I did take time out to have lunch with my daughter and Peaches, and shop for shoes - two glorious pairs, and go to the movies with Sandy and Toni as well as working until 1:00am each night. Life is good and I am happy.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Week-end Pelican Party and where has the week gone?

I just looked and I have not up dated my blog since Saturday - shame on me. The week has just vanished before my eyes.

Harvey and I were invited to a Pelican Party on Friday last - the food was a bit 'fishy', and they ate so much but Harvey did manage to pat one and made a new friend. It was one big adventure.

Next there was the Pool Party, with the water spurting clown and sea gulls, life is just so exciting for our boy Harvey - Noo Noo is going backwards rather than forwards in age - or so Harvey thinks. There is no such thing as too much water to play in or chocolate to eat are stronge core beliefs of Harvey.

Well, my working week-end away from home is come and gone and deadlines are hard task masters. Well When Dreams Flower is almost finished - yippee and I am now working on CE No 26 - out February 2010. How are you all liking CE No 25 - our Christmas edition. Lots to create for Christmas and besides.

Here is a little teaser pic of an up coming new design CD coming out in 2010, the pillow will be in CE No 26.
Must sign off - been sitting at this computer for around 12 hours so it is time to let my feet de-swell from sitting so long - Honey is already in bed waiting for me. Night all.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Toowoon Bay - my Perfect Retreat

This is our million dollar view from Robbie's and my beach retreat. It is around 50 miles north of Sydney and is nestled in a little bay, shelterd by a reef which is a marine park on one side and a doggy surf beach on the other - nothing better. Today is just glorious and we have been swimming - you have to be in the water or you will bake on the sand. We have to admit that we were both unceremoniously dumped - several times but it was worth it. How perfect is this view and how amazing is technology that I can be working her on my deck.
Here I sit on the deck with the fan, my computer, B'Berry and Kris Kristofferson in my ears and working. I can take my office with me, how good is technology? However how crazy am I, would you believe working on the week-end! This is just a little bit of paradise on earth, surely, God has perfection in mind when He created this paradise.

It is 38 degrees plus here today, we in Australia are getting a heat wave. It was 43.5 degrees when I was driving up here from Sydney on Friday.

Honey is asleep with the fan on her. We walked around 7:00am this morning, it was glorious on the beach and she flirted with the waves, chased sea gulls and just ran in circles with glee.

Thank you for those who have commented on this blog, it is great to hear from you.

I have heard from Windham that the fabric line is coming along nicely, as are our two new CD's, book and CE - you can tell we are all very busy and with Christmas and all coming up.

Harvey and Cleo came down on Friday afternoon and joined me at Toowoon Bay, we had a ball. Harvey had a swim in the surf, ate fish and chips - and Noo Noo spoiled him with a chocolate ice cream - I tried to have one too but he thought it more efficient eating time to have one in each hand - his ice cream in one and mine in the other - he literally inhaled them! At the end we were both covered in chocolate ice cream - Oh joy. Harvey patted a pelican, played in the kiddies pond and just stood under a clown spurting water, and then next the play gym - he slept all the way home and Noo Noo must confess she was a little tired also - but joyfully so, haven't done so much climbing in a long time!

Must get back to work - then perhaps a glass of wine in the cool of the evening on the beach! Sound great - what do you think?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Harvey, our Beach Boy

Well summer is here in down under - temperatures are in the forties and it is beach time. Our gorgeous Harvey is having his first summer at the beach - this is a big adventure for him. Now I am not sure but they tell us kelp is good for us - but Harvey perhaps you are taking on too much - Noo Noo is glad she doesn't have to change that diaper!
Harvey is now walking - or should I say running everywhere these days - he is such a joy and a real little chatterbox - one has to be careful what they say as it is quickly repeated.
I am off to the beach for the week-end - have so much to do but need the break and the weather is going to still be in the forties - I do love summer.
Our instructional video for When Dreams Flower is finished and looks really great - the cover for the book is finalised and looks great - that is for maybe the next blog, cannot give you everything at once.
I just want to leave you with a thought: Cancel your subscription to expectations you shouldn't read that sort of thing any longer!

Monday, November 16, 2009

And I thought it would be easy!!

Well I thought it would be easy to post a blog every day - Erica from Eric's in South Bend Indiana said I was crazy - now I know why. I have been meaning to write this for the last three days - but alas my spirit was willing but the flesh weak. I am feeling a little like my beautiful Mz Honey who is in the picture and went back to bed this morning after our early morning walk!
The week-end went by in a flash - gardening, then out for lunch with Sam and Peaches - left my cell/mobile phone at Sam's - it was like I had lost a limb - what does that say about me? A Blackberry is certainly addictive no wonder my daughter calls it a 'Crackberry'.
Sunday I had a real veg out day - with lovely long phone calls to Margaret (Moorehead) and Catherine (Heighton) two of my best friends - it was wonderful to catch up - it was just like we were out for coffee - over 10,000ks away! How I love technology - when it works for me.
Bought a new out door setting in around an hour and then horrid things like shopping - Sam dropped in with a picture of her new car - she is so excited and then casually asked if I had any fried rice - well I didn't but she went home with some for dinner and lunch the next day. What else are mothers for?
Today has been run, run, run - When Dreams Flower is really looking fabulous, Mickey from Windham Fabrics says the matching fabric is on track to be released at Spring Market and we are doing the Video (an instructional one that goes with the book) on Wednesday - so all is good.
Weather is very hot - wish I was at the beach but a commitment is a commitment - oh yes - wait till you see Peaches Purse designs - they are just out of this world.
Let me leave you with a quote: Winners expect to win in advance. Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Be a winner!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holiday at Noosa

Well as you can see - here we are at Noosa Heads, north Queensland. Toni and I had a fabulousl time - not long enough though. We had this wonderful little Bali style bungalow situated in its own little rain forest an easy walk from the beach.
It was then morning walks along the beach, dinner out, afternoon cocktails and lots of shopping. We met up with friends, (surprised Sue and Mirri, they did not know I was coming up) and family and of course went to the movies along with 'the must do' shopping!
The weather was temperamental with four seasons in one day, but mostly humid. The water was around 24 degress but very choppy - except the last day - as always when the weather was perfect.
I went and saw my darling dad - he is just so beautiful and enjoyed an evening out with my sister Sue and nephew Christopher.
Today was full swing back to work so much to catch up on - and in case you think I did not take my Blackberry with me you are mistaken - Jo (my graphic designer) and I have half finished designing When Dreams Flower it is looking beautiful - all via B'Berry.
Robbie and Simon are getting ready for our Video recording day next week - yes we are including a Free instructional video with When Dreams Flower along with other great things.
We are also working on three need design CD's wait till you see Peaches Purse - it is amazing you will love it - something totally new and different. I also finished drawing the designs for Harvey's Garden!
Well my girlfriend Sandy is busy upstairs keeping three machines going - so had better run off and check on her

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Faux Knitting Fringed Patchwork Pillow

How do you like Margaret Moorehead's, beautiful pillow? Margaret is my only International Accredited teacher and is a magic presenter and teacher. She gave this pillow to me when I visited her earlier on this year it is really amazing.

Now I had told Margie about our new Faux Knitting techniques and she immediately set about making this fabulous little pillow - which she is offering as a class. I want you to look closely and you will see all the techniques she has used. The fabulous fringe around the edge of the pillow is made using our Magic Tassel and Fringe maker, the embroidery designs are from Lottie's Poppies and the patchwork is make up of decorative stitching blocks and Faux Knitting blocks all backed with Quilt Magic the ultimate lightweight fusible batting- how cool is this? And yes Quilt Magic is back in stock whoopee!

The embroidery designs are not embroidered directly onto the pillow, rather stitched out over a layer of nylon organza and Cutaway Magic and then heat-cut around using our Magic Heat Cutting tool (while the embroidery is still in the hoop) over a tile. The embroidery is now free standing, soft and pliable (without washing out stabilizer) and can be stitched onto any home dec item such as this pillow using Invisa sheer thread and a tiny stipple-stitch to sew around the edge of the embroidery. If you are really smart you can also glue such Embroidered Decoupage motifs in place using Magic Tac permanent fabric glue (which is washable/dry cleanable) and dries really fast.

Now can't you see shoes, handbags, hats, lampshades etc all embellished in this way - fast, easy and fun. You may also choose to embroider your designs over a layer of nylon organza sandwiched between two layers of Dissolve Magic, heat cut as mentioned above and then wash the stabilizer from the design and once again you have a fabulous free standing Jenny Haskins' design that you can now be creative with on any item - be it a quilt, pillow, garment, frame, mirror - the list is endless - what till you see what Kerrie Hay from Bernina Australia does with this technique in our February issue of Creative Expressions.

Thank you Margaret for allowing us to share your creativity.

If you want more information on the Embroidered Decoupage or the Fringing technique plus heaps more creative embellishment ideas, then you can find them in Jenny's Heritage book a must for any embroiderer. You can purchase all the products mentioned above in Australia: and the US: and email Margaret: for her class schedule.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Melbourne Cup - 2009

Melbourne Cup (a little like the Kentucky Derby for the US) is an Australian institution - our nation stands still for the 3 minute running of this horse race. The city of Melbourne actually has a holiday for this occasion.

The rest of Australia, gets dressed up to the 'nines' with hats, dresses and shoes all matching, and go either to the horse races in that town or city or go out for lunch.

This year Simon, Laurie (his father), Robbie and I went out for lunch at the Euro Lounge in Castle Hill - we found out the Mayor of Castle Hill now owns this restaurant so he was present also. It was a glamours occasion with all the ladies wearing hats and the waiters wearing jockey outfits, with sweeps and competitions. The four course meal was fabulous as was the champagne along with coffee and truffles.

We had a great day out and Robbie and I enjoyed getting dressed up - which we love to do for any reason or no particular one.

No we did not back the winner but Robbie's husband John did - way to go John, (but he could have shared his secret with us)!

Today is reality day so now back to editing.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Cairns, Kay and Sandra

Well we arrived at Cairns - not at all what we expected, it is built on the coast surrounded by Mangrove swamp with hills at the back. Arriving, at Cairns we drove to the resort of Palm Cove, around a 25 minute drive north. Palm Cove is a beautiful and filled with tourists from around the world. For my overseas readers Cairns is the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, which one reaches by boat, and does have crystal clear 25 degree water and amazing coral and fish.

This was an adventure for Simon and I as neither of us had previously been to Cairns before. Upon arriving we stripped off our travel gear and changed as the climate is tropical 30 degrees, hot and humid. We took in the sights walking along the beach, did the boutiques and walked to the end of the jetty. This is me on the end of the jetty - and yes the water was that colour do to the wind and the choppy seas.

The most beautiful and interesting thing to me (other than the 'Beware of the Crocodiles' signs) were the spectacular paper bark/teatree gums which dated back to prior Captain Cook days (1770) and are over 200 years old - unbelievable and so beautiful. The resorts are built around the trees with our accommodation having two glorious trees growing up the middle of it.

Well here we all are at Kay's Fabrics Cairns for the Far North Queensland Machine Embroidery and Quilting Retreat.

To the left is Lizzy Allen, our Jenny Haskins' Accredited Tutor in Australia, who promotes our products and teaches classes, as well as working all the major shows. She joined us on stage as well as teaching classes. We always have a great time together.

On the right are Simon, Kay, Me and Sandra (Kay's daughter) - Sandra being the MD of Kay's Fabrics. This photo was taken after the 'show' (Simon and my presentation) was over and we all heaved a sigh of relief. With over 150 attendees at the week-end of demonstrations and presentations, it is safe to say it was a wonderful success.

There were were many hours of prior preparation and planning for this machine embroidery and quilting event, with Sandra and Kay's family, friends and customers volunteering to help; the end result was amazing and worth all the effort.

Simon and I were made to feel right at home by Kay, Sandra and their family (especially Kay's girls, who both have dibs on the dress I am wearing in the photos). Creative machine artists,who attended, travelled from as far afield as Newcastle, NSW, Darwin NT, northern Queensland towns as well as from Cairns (and the out lying areas). We all had a ball!

By the way the glorious dress that I am wearing was decorated by Ruth Osborn, a friend and magic artist from Queensland. I commissioned her to decorate this skirt and top (which were given to me) and she amazingly transformed a size 20 skirt into a size 8 and created my Titania queen of the fairies dress. Thank you Ruth, I do feel like a fairy queen when I wear it and it fits perfectly. The Titania dress will be featured in our up coming book When Dreams Flower.

Congratulations Sandra, Kay and families - you did a fabulous job and we loved being part of it.

Today is Melbourne cup day in Australia and tomorrow I will tell you about our day.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Off to Cairns - North Queensland

I am never ready early let alone an hour early - but here I am. Been walking at 6:00am and then things just went very fast. Thought I would have to miss today - but no I have time.
Thought I would share a group family pic so you know what everyone looks like when I speak of them - left to right: Simon, Cleo, Harvey, Kirstin, Kath (affectionately known as Peaches my 'adopted' daughter), Mz Honey and Me, Sue, Sam and Lottie. You all know Simon and Sam (my two younger children) Lottie is Sam's puppy and who Lottie's Poppies design CD is named after. Kirstin and Cleo are Harvey's parents, and Sue is my sister who is a medical Doctor up in Brisbane. This again is a photo taken on my birthday week-end - it surely is a 'coffin' memory.
Well I finished writing the directions for When Dreams Flower the quilt - not the book, but that is a huge break through so I am feeling really great - text is off to Nina my fabulous subeditor. Jo my designer also worked her magic and within half an hour of speaking with her re the cover it was back designed - looks great but will keep you all guessing for a while but it looks great.
It is now time that I headed for the airport - I am taking paper and pencil to draw some designs for our next design CD - it is going to be called Harvey's Garden and is based on pictures I used to draw for my children when they were little. They would colour these pictures in by the hour and kept them busy when they needed to be quiet - like church. Also we are working on Peaches Purse design - it is magic just have to get Simon moving.
Off to the airport!

Simon and I are off to Cairns today to do a machine embroidered quilts presentation for Kay and Sandra - my they have been busy. I will post some pictures when I return. I will be hot and humid and I have never been to Cairns but have not time to stay - back on Monday.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Faux Knitting Coat

After my friends had viewed Rita's video on the above coat I had lots of requests for a photo - well here it is. This coat will be featured in my up coming book When Dreams Flower -which again I am taking time out to write my blog. We love this coat and Robbie and I had so much fun designs and making it. We are very proud of it actually, as we designed the pattern and all. The Faux Knitting fabric is created using Dissolve Magic Sticky and a basic sewing machine -amazing and such fun to make. It takes a lot less yarn than knitting, not hard on your hands and looks like expensive fabric when finished. You will just love creating your own fabric.

The embroidery is from Lottie's Poppies design CD and is of course embroidered with my wonderful rayon embroidery threads. The embroidery technique is called Padded/Trapuntoed Embroidered Decoupage as the embroidery is freestanding and has a layer of Quilt Magic (which is back in stock by the way) and a layer of Quilt Magic Plus just released double sided fusible batting - simply scrumptious and amazing to work with. Well enough of the coat - how do you like the Shoes? Aren't they the best. I am going to wear them to the Melbourne Cup lunch on Tuesday! Will have to get a photo for you all to see - if Simon remembers to book a restaurant!

CE 25, which is due out for Christmas, is running a little late - sorry, but it should be here late next week or early the week after - remember all good things are worth waiting for you will just love it.
Well that is it for day - feel like Julie (in Julie and Julia) please notice we have not heard from Catherine yet - but we live in hope!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finally our new web site is up and running - Yippee! Thank you Andrew who has worked tirelessly battling bureaucracy and technology but up it is.
Thought you should all meet my family. For my birthday this year we all went to my beach retreat and my friend Toni took some amazing photos - she is such a great photographer and this is one of them . Simon, and Sam (my son and daughter) with Harvey and I (Harvey of course is my beloved grandson).
I have so much news for everyone but you will have to wait - this is my trial and I have taken time out from laying out our next book When Dreams Flower to play with my new 'toy.
You may also like to check out my latest video on my website and Rita Farrow's Blog has a video on it, and interview with me at Houston
Have to fly, must get back to my text. Remember - Love life and it will love you back.

First Hello from Me!!

Finally I have a blog page - something that Andrew and I have been working on for nearly a year! I promised Sam my daughter if I got a blog page I would keep it up - and keep it up I will!I have just been to see Julia & Julie the movie, which is the story of a frustrated young writer who loves cooking and decides to write a blog on cooking her way through Julia Child's French Cooking for Americans recipe book over 500 recipes in a year! A really inspirational movie if you have not seen it you should.My dear friend Catherine rang me this morning and mentioned that she also had seen the movie - then she announced she was going to sew her way through Jenny Haskins' books and write a blog - so now it is official she has to do it!Simon and I have just returned from Houston Quilt Market and Festival - as always it was amazing, wonderful, awesome and inspiring. The winning quilt was by Caryl Bryer Fallert as always her work is sensational and inspiringly beautiful - and talk about a flat quilt it was like a desk top.I hit the deck running, catching up on emails, phone calls and then working on photography for CE 26 and our up coming book When Dreams Flower (which I have taken time out from to write the first page of this blog). Then I had family to catch up with, my beautiful daughter Sam and her friend (my second daughter) Kath, and then there was Harvey, Kirstin and Cleo who came down for the week-end - what joy to see them all. My friend Debs daughter Natalie got married on Saturday - gloriously perfect wedding and then it was catch up with girl friends and neighbors. Out for dinner, movies, helping Sandy (another girl friend) with the quilt she is making not to mention looking after Mz Honey - my beautiful and faithful little puppy. So that is my week in a nut shell! Never a dull moment and I never miss my 2k odd walk first thing in the morning - it is another personal commitment of mine. Life is really great - thank you God.

The Jenny Haskins' products stand looked fabulous, decorated by Simon and show casing all our wonderful products including books, Creative Expressions, current and past issues, stabilizers, threads, beads, crystals, kits - the list is endless.
We introduced Faux Knitting ® a great new technique of ours, and everyone loved it. We had our latest quilt (and up coming book) When Dreams Flower on display along with jackets, handbags, scarves and wraps. The coat was the hit of the show, with no one ever guessing we made the Faux Knitting ® fabric in the coat ourselves!
Simon had his latest amazing quilt on display, made with Simon's Terrific Trims, using a great patchwork technique. He is just so clever and the vibrant colors are spectacular. The quilt has no name yet, and he doesn't like my suggestion so if you have a good name for it let us know.
Gina, Pattie, Jenny and Janet - Four Girls in HatsWe also had RNK and CE's Light up a Life ® challenge jackets and hats on display - and the girls on the stand just had to try on the hats! Thank you to everyone who entered, the standard was exceptional. Sue Hausmann judged it along with Debi Homer (thank you ladies), congratulations to Jean Halstead, who sent her entry from England who won first place, Debi Reese from Cleveland who received second place and Linda Stiltz from St Charles, MO who received third place.This is a good start I think, for the first of many pages in this blog, as I share my life's experiences with my fellow machine artists, I also look forward to hearing your comments. I am off to visit my dear friend Maree who is not the best (maker of Maree's Magic Christmas cake recipe of which is in CE 25) due out very soon.