Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sooooo pleased and excited with my new floor boards!

Well the saying 'no gain without pain' is true when it comes to my new floors! They are all finished and look amazingly beautiful. Took me a day to get everything back together, but that is all over with now. My duplex is four levels with six stairs up to the second level, then about 12 up to the third and seven up to the forth! It is a fun place to live in and great for work.
Stairs leading up to the lounge

This is the floors taken from the kitchen
The stairs took the most time, as the installers were so meticulous but the finished job was just perfect.

I also changed the mirror - always had the mirror table, but the new mirror is framed with bevelled scrolls, looking very chic at the top of the stairs.

Here are a couple of other views of the room. Of course I had to change things around and did another big clean up! De cluttered more, which always make me feel good. Somethings I got rid of from cupboards, I have never used in over 40 years, so why keep them!!

Close up of mirror and birdcage with light in it. 

This is the view  from the dining room
Trust you are enjoying being a voyeur having a glimpse at the renovations to my house.

I was just talking to Robbie and she is doing up her bedroom and has redone her kitchen last year. So change is in the air - remember change means growth so I hope I can continue to grow. with that in mind, here is my thought for the week:

I am continuing to turn my cant's into cans and my dreams into plans while celebrating my goals!

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  1. Preciosa casa. tienes muy buen gusto. Felicidades