Sunday, May 18, 2014

Webinars and Decorating

Well I feel I am in recovery mode. Three webinars in three days, but all worth it, just wonderful catching up with everyone and showing them how to make our Black and White Designer Pillows, and Toowoon Bay Morning Glories. Everyone loved our first download directions and designs, with customers being thrilled to get instant access to something they wanted to do yesterday, as we all do.

I have had a few suggestions as to what people want us to do next, however in the meantime, please make sure you view our videos and the last webinar, which we have on our website. They will answer a lot of your questions and suggestions.

I am in a redecorating mood at present!! I have rearranged the family room, and it looks great, so much more room, so just love this!

So next I decided to have a mirror in my bedroom! Did I measure from the top of the Federation bedhead (the bed is over a meter of the ground so the bedhead is another meter higher), not I did not! Mistake No 1, then I did not ask how heavy the mirror was - mistake No 2! Well I found this wonderful mirror, just fell in love with it. Bevelled plain mirror with a mercury mirror frame, size of which is 1.03m x 1.29m. Well it did not fit above the bed, but as I have a vaulted ceiling it looked great on the opposite very high wall, Then I had to get it not only up stairs but on the wall! Well if someone had a camera to take pictures of not only my daughter getting the packaged mirror out of her large four wheel drive, let alone, Laurie and I getting it up two flights of stairs, and then hanging it, you would have had a good laugh. However it was all worth it, and it looks fabulous. Moved 'Cherry Ripe' and original Pears print - 1879 and my roses, I am really thrilled with the end result. What do you think? And by the way the beautiful mirror came from Freedom Furniture!

I then moved the mirror I had above my bed to the top bedroom, and it looks great also! I love mirrors in rooms, as they reflect light and add another dimension to any room, try it you will see!!
Hope you enjoy these ideas, (by the way the photo in the frame on the left of the mirror is my grandson (Simon's son) - he is just so gorgeous! Maybe will inspire you to do a little rearranging.

I was supposed to get my carpet replaced with floor boards, today, but alas not till Friday - second level total disaster area, but the best is yet to come!

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