Sunday, June 1, 2014

Simon, Harvey and Frankie go Chinese!!

When Harvey was around the age of two (he is now 5 1/2) Simon, Kirstin, Harvey and I went to the Chinese Gardens which are part of Darling Harbour - this is by the water where the Exhibition Center was (this has been pulled down now, making way for a brand new complex). Anyway we all got dressed up in Chinese costume - you may remember my pictures back then. Well Harvey has never forgotten, and so when we were all at Darling Harbour last week, we had to have a return visit and this time Frankie had to be in the act too.

How cute are the little ones, and how well Simon looks. It was a fun few hours, and once again the 'boys' had their photos taken by visitors (a thing Kirstin and I were never privileged to have - wonder why)? Good reason I suppose is that we looked ridiculous!!!

Twelve full hours of fun was had by the whole family (Poppa, Noo Noo, Simon, Cleo, Kirstin, Harvey and baby Frankie, who has enough energy for three people). Sooooo much to see, do, run in or around, and over, and so little time - but do it all we did.  Yes I did sleep well, ready for the next day, which was full on once again.

I must confess I do love slippery dips, and swings, I still like the abandonment of sliding, almost 'free falling' only down a solid slippery dip under me, and the nearly flying feeling of swings, especially when you go high. Guess I never quite grew up!

Two days of 'coffin memories' which I will always treasure. Thank you God for glorious memories.

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