Thursday, May 8, 2014

'Curly Hair', what do you think?

Just come back from the hair dressers, and as you all know my hair is straight, straight straight! Years ago I used to have my hair permed, as we all did - that was when I had black hair! So today Nat (of Verscarda Hair and Beauty) decided to curl my hair, what do you think, she did it in 5 minutes, mind you, inside an hour, it has gone straight again and she promised I would still have it curled tomorrow.

Never mind it has been fun and I thought I would share it with you. The girl next to me had glorious curly hair and was having it straightened - we are never happy with what we have.


 Am into change at present, am doing some interior decorating changes also, so will share them as I go, but that is another Blog.

Happy Mother's Day to all my beautiful friends, my wish for you all is below, know you all are this with class and style.

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