Thursday, May 15, 2014

What a great week, so much happening!

This week has been very busy!! The week-end was beautiful with an amazing Mother's day with my two children Simon and Sam. Here we are pictured below at the beautiful Bather's Pavilion at Balmoral, a small cove beach on the Sydney Harbour with a view from the restaurant straight at to the heads! Just magic, I had such a lovely time.
On Monday and Tuesday, it is gym days, with work outs, Yoga and my personal trainer. Oh boy did he work me hard on Tuesday, nearly did not go to Yoga that night, but did, and of course felt better for it! I did however, sleep very well!!! I am getting really strong now however and am thrilled with my progress.

On another note, we had to have three webinars this week to accommodate everyone who wanted to join us. We showed how to make the Toowoon Bay Morning Glories quilt, and also the Black and White Designer Pillows, both of which are shown below. For the first time ever we had a download for the directions and designs to make the Black and White Designer Pillows, to see how it went - today it is going amazingly well! The TBMG is a design CD with an eBook with the directions to make the quilt. Sorry if you missed the webinar, but you can view it on our web site.

The 3D poppy pillow, such a great new technique to learn, (one of the two pillows) directions and designs are for two pillows

Close up of the center of the Toowoon Bay Morning Glories quilt, so many fabulous new techniques to learn

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