Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Fabulous Easter

Well the 'greatest plans of mice and men' as usual for me have gone astray! I have been trying to write this blog for over a week now, and because Google has done something to combine accounts or whatever, I could not get into my Blog, but finally we have beat technology so now I get into my Blog!

I had the best time at Easter, up at Toowoon Bay, Simon's two children and mum Kirstin, came down (from Newcastle) and camped next to me - they wanted to camp!! I thought them crazy, but we had a ball! Harvey palled up with a new friend, (born four days after him) and they were inseparable! Such fun, playing up until 8:30 at night, then blissful sleep for 12 hours for Kirstin.

                               Harvey enjoying his traditional 'Hard Rock' chocolate ice cream

Baby Frankie enjoying her first ice cream, of course it was pink!

     Kirstin, Harvey and Frankie, have a romp at Toowoon Bay park with Mz Honey looking on.

Easter Sunday we were joined by dad Simon and poppa. Chocolate overload as a result of the Easter Bunny being over generous - talk about sugar high, but it only happens one day a year.

Robbie and I did some 'retail therapy at Erina Fair, and I finished off my redecorating. Below are some pictures so you see how it looks - color scheme is blue for the water and yellow for the sun! The weather was perfect, we could not believe we were on the beach and swimming in the middle of Autumn, but I do love the sun.

Left is the lounge/dining room. Through the beaded curtain (and yes their is a door) is the en suite.

Right is the bedroom. We turned the bed vertically for the photography in 'A Place in the Sun'. Yes I have my eyes on that quilt for my bed in the van.

Left is the veranda which is covered in with clear outdoor
plastic, with yellow and blue.
canvas blinds, the veranda is glorious in the afternoon sun, This is where most of our time is spent (when not at the beach)!

Stepping up to the
kitchen area - you may have noticed I have a Bali theme!

Below is the other end of the kitchen area, which gets the early morning sun.

Right leads into my dressing room.
Now when I talk about Toowoon Bay, or I am going up to the caravan, you will know exactly where I am heading. Enjoy being a voyeur.

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