Monday, May 19, 2014

My Fitness Day!!

Well today has been busy, with one thing an another - firstly walk with my Honey, met several 'walking friends' on the way, which is lovely, except when you are on a mission and today is my personal trainer day. So it was rush rush to be at the gym by 10:30 - 'inner peace' was a little evasive!

I am working on my triceps (muscles at the back of the upper arm), which are the hardest to train in woman, but when working well, do prevent the sag and bag one tends to get at the bottom of their arms when getting older, so train these muscles I will!!!

Did my prep workout, triceps, biceps and abs with weights and then relaxation and breathing prior to my work out - which I certainly did. David said I was not concentrating, I said my concentration was on just trying to breath so I did not collapse! Never mind I got through all he dished out for me and am hear to tell about it.

To night is Yoga, although I am tired, I can never miss my two Yoga classes each week. I must be getting better as I can now do poses that were my goals such as the ones below, so that means I must be getting better! I do love Yoga, it always challenges me, Pauline, our teacher, always comes up with a new challenging pose. I do have some poses, my body refuses to accept, but most I can do with some degree of expertise. I can do all the ones below, so that is a start I guess. So I put the challenge out to all my readers, 'If I can do it so can you!' Do it for your mind, body and soul - and if all that fails, then 'do it to keep in an upright position and if you don't use it you loose it'. Let me know what you think!!


  1. I agree with you about exercise, it's a necessity in my life now. I'm still struggling with a lot of the poses though. I have been doing Pilates, walking and a little yoga. Trying to get stronger to achieve more in my yoga practice. One of my problems is a frozen shoulder but I'm determined to improve my health so I have bone broth every day and I push through with my exercises, my shoulder/arm is slowly improving and so is my health. Recent blood tests are now normal except one test but it has improved enormously all without drugs. Just a diet change and exercise. Keep up the great work. Thanks for the motivation and always the beautiful embroidery designs. Lorelle

    1. Way to go Lorelle, the old addage, 'use it or loose it' applies more the older we get. I am really proud of you, go for it girlfriend you are a winner. The wonderful endorphins released with exercise are addictive (in a good way) you always feel wonderful after you have exercised. And people who exercise suffer less from depression (if at all).