Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mess before Beauty - new timber floors

Well after much time and deliberation, I decided to pull up my carpet in the lounge/dining room area of my house and replace it with timber floors - limed American Oak. OMG I perhaps did not think of the process! Firstly everything had to be removed from my beautiful French cabinet. The treasures have sat on my kitchen bench for a week now, due to the fact the timber was not in stock. Then all the furniture had to be removed (with the exception of the cabinet which was too much trouble to move!

Carpet and underlay all pulled up revealing the concrete suspended slab! 
The two very thin Chinese lads have worked so hard - so much work. All the 'smooth edge' had to be removed around the edge of the skirting boards. This held the carpet down. Then the insulation underlay and then the boards!
The boards are layered in stepped lengths so the joins are variable.

The lounge area is nearly finished - yahoo, maybe I will make it to the movies tonight after all! The steps are not finished yet, they were the first done and took a lot of time. The boys were very fussy. Once this section of the room is finished, we will move the cabinet back into the room so the dining room can be done. My next post will show the finished floor - am back and forth taking photos. You all know what my week-end will be about - you guessed it getting everything back!

Getting there and starting to look fabulous, just love it! 

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