Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Week-end Pelican Party and where has the week gone?

I just looked and I have not up dated my blog since Saturday - shame on me. The week has just vanished before my eyes.

Harvey and I were invited to a Pelican Party on Friday last - the food was a bit 'fishy', and they ate so much but Harvey did manage to pat one and made a new friend. It was one big adventure.

Next there was the Pool Party, with the water spurting clown and sea gulls, life is just so exciting for our boy Harvey - Noo Noo is going backwards rather than forwards in age - or so Harvey thinks. There is no such thing as too much water to play in or chocolate to eat are stronge core beliefs of Harvey.

Well, my working week-end away from home is come and gone and deadlines are hard task masters. Well When Dreams Flower is almost finished - yippee and I am now working on CE No 26 - out February 2010. How are you all liking CE No 25 - our Christmas edition. Lots to create for Christmas and besides.

Here is a little teaser pic of an up coming new design CD coming out in 2010, the pillow will be in CE No 26.
Must sign off - been sitting at this computer for around 12 hours so it is time to let my feet de-swell from sitting so long - Honey is already in bed waiting for me. Night all.

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  1. Looks like you both enjoyed the pelican party. CE no.25 is lovely. I love all the photos. I find the beautiful photos creatively inspiring. You never know where they will lead you. Beautiful. Thankyou. The design on the pillow above looks interesting, I look forward to seeing more.