Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Faux Knitting Fringed Patchwork Pillow

How do you like Margaret Moorehead's, beautiful pillow? Margaret is my only International Accredited teacher and is a magic presenter and teacher. She gave this pillow to me when I visited her earlier on this year it is really amazing.

Now I had told Margie about our new Faux Knitting techniques and she immediately set about making this fabulous little pillow - which she is offering as a class. I want you to look closely and you will see all the techniques she has used. The fabulous fringe around the edge of the pillow is made using our Magic Tassel and Fringe maker, the embroidery designs are from Lottie's Poppies and the patchwork is make up of decorative stitching blocks and Faux Knitting blocks all backed with Quilt Magic the ultimate lightweight fusible batting- how cool is this? And yes Quilt Magic is back in stock whoopee!

The embroidery designs are not embroidered directly onto the pillow, rather stitched out over a layer of nylon organza and Cutaway Magic and then heat-cut around using our Magic Heat Cutting tool (while the embroidery is still in the hoop) over a tile. The embroidery is now free standing, soft and pliable (without washing out stabilizer) and can be stitched onto any home dec item such as this pillow using Invisa sheer thread and a tiny stipple-stitch to sew around the edge of the embroidery. If you are really smart you can also glue such Embroidered Decoupage motifs in place using Magic Tac permanent fabric glue (which is washable/dry cleanable) and dries really fast.

Now can't you see shoes, handbags, hats, lampshades etc all embellished in this way - fast, easy and fun. You may also choose to embroider your designs over a layer of nylon organza sandwiched between two layers of Dissolve Magic, heat cut as mentioned above and then wash the stabilizer from the design and once again you have a fabulous free standing Jenny Haskins' design that you can now be creative with on any item - be it a quilt, pillow, garment, frame, mirror - the list is endless - what till you see what Kerrie Hay from Bernina Australia does with this technique in our February issue of Creative Expressions.

Thank you Margaret for allowing us to share your creativity.

If you want more information on the Embroidered Decoupage or the Fringing technique plus heaps more creative embellishment ideas, then you can find them in Jenny's Heritage book a must for any embroiderer. You can purchase all the products mentioned above in Australia: and the US: and email Margaret: for her class schedule.

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