Friday, October 30, 2009

Off to Cairns - North Queensland

I am never ready early let alone an hour early - but here I am. Been walking at 6:00am and then things just went very fast. Thought I would have to miss today - but no I have time.
Thought I would share a group family pic so you know what everyone looks like when I speak of them - left to right: Simon, Cleo, Harvey, Kirstin, Kath (affectionately known as Peaches my 'adopted' daughter), Mz Honey and Me, Sue, Sam and Lottie. You all know Simon and Sam (my two younger children) Lottie is Sam's puppy and who Lottie's Poppies design CD is named after. Kirstin and Cleo are Harvey's parents, and Sue is my sister who is a medical Doctor up in Brisbane. This again is a photo taken on my birthday week-end - it surely is a 'coffin' memory.
Well I finished writing the directions for When Dreams Flower the quilt - not the book, but that is a huge break through so I am feeling really great - text is off to Nina my fabulous subeditor. Jo my designer also worked her magic and within half an hour of speaking with her re the cover it was back designed - looks great but will keep you all guessing for a while but it looks great.
It is now time that I headed for the airport - I am taking paper and pencil to draw some designs for our next design CD - it is going to be called Harvey's Garden and is based on pictures I used to draw for my children when they were little. They would colour these pictures in by the hour and kept them busy when they needed to be quiet - like church. Also we are working on Peaches Purse design - it is magic just have to get Simon moving.
Off to the airport!

Simon and I are off to Cairns today to do a machine embroidered quilts presentation for Kay and Sandra - my they have been busy. I will post some pictures when I return. I will be hot and humid and I have never been to Cairns but have not time to stay - back on Monday.

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  1. Hi Jenny! Welcome to the world of blogging. I hope you enjoy this different way of sharing your creativity.