Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finally our new web site is up and running - Yippee! Thank you Andrew who has worked tirelessly battling bureaucracy and technology but up it is.
Thought you should all meet my family. For my birthday this year we all went to my beach retreat and my friend Toni took some amazing photos - she is such a great photographer and this is one of them . Simon, and Sam (my son and daughter) with Harvey and I (Harvey of course is my beloved grandson).
I have so much news for everyone but you will have to wait - this is my trial and I have taken time out from laying out our next book When Dreams Flower to play with my new 'toy.
You may also like to check out my latest video on my website and Rita Farrow's Blog has a video on it, and interview with me at Houston
Have to fly, must get back to my text. Remember - Love life and it will love you back.


  1. Hi Jenny,
    Have a great family, children, grandchildren, and You 're Beautiful, very talented in everything, INTELLIGENT, I wish you happiness in personal life, Jenny you are also on my blog,
    Warm greetings, WANDA

  2. What a lovely family photo Jenny, you must be so proud. We have just become grandparents for the second time in 13 months. Bianka was born Sept. 2008 and her little brother was born Oct. 2009. DH and I visited them over the weekend (Nov. 6) and had lots of cuddles and kisses. Bianka is becoming a real little personality now as Harvey will be starting to show his too. Anyway love your new blog.