Thursday, November 19, 2009

Harvey, our Beach Boy

Well summer is here in down under - temperatures are in the forties and it is beach time. Our gorgeous Harvey is having his first summer at the beach - this is a big adventure for him. Now I am not sure but they tell us kelp is good for us - but Harvey perhaps you are taking on too much - Noo Noo is glad she doesn't have to change that diaper!
Harvey is now walking - or should I say running everywhere these days - he is such a joy and a real little chatterbox - one has to be careful what they say as it is quickly repeated.
I am off to the beach for the week-end - have so much to do but need the break and the weather is going to still be in the forties - I do love summer.
Our instructional video for When Dreams Flower is finished and looks really great - the cover for the book is finalised and looks great - that is for maybe the next blog, cannot give you everything at once.
I just want to leave you with a thought: Cancel your subscription to expectations you shouldn't read that sort of thing any longer!


  1. I love your blog! Harvey is cute as can be! I just signed up as a follower and am looking forward to your posts. God bless! Kathy from Savannah, Ga. USA

  2. Isn't my little guy cute!!! If he likes seaweed he will love sushi!!!

  3. Harvey is sooooo cute!!! My husband and I have been blessed with two grandchildren within 13 months, BIANKA ROSE, born Sept 2008 and KORBAN HUNTER, born Oct 2009. Yes they are sister and brother, my son and d-i-l are verrrrrrrrrrry busy these days. With three children, we waited a long time to become grandparents!! and then two within 13 months. A special gift from God for us all. BIANKA is just wonderful now, although Nana is a wee bit jealous of late, as Pa is the popular MAN OF THE MOMENT. She is a chatter-box too, although we can't understand her, she talks non stop, and has the hand actions going as well. She also reads to us from her many books. (Let's hope she keeps up her reading.) Anyway aren't grandchildren just wonderfu.???