Thursday, March 20, 2014

Waiting for Webinar to Start!

Well I am sure this describes all of us at sometime or another! Simon and I had our day planned down to the last minute today, as we had a webinar planned.

Yesterday I had root canal (three no less in one molar) at the dentist and I do look like I have been hit in the side of my face, however, it is better than yesterday. Was not planning on dental work yesterday, but there was an opening that suddenly came up, so thought why not get it over with! Two hours later it was over. Oh how I love drugs, thanks to them so far no pain - not saying it too loudly however, but am grateful.

So today, off to Doctors for flu shots, and had it all planned down to the last minute - and guess what, somehow Simon got the time zone out by two hours, so now I will be at the Doctors instead of being on the webinar! Am trying to make it for the last half hour. Simon still suffers with as he calls it 'Chemo Brain' so he is excused - if it was me, they would be putting me away!

Robbie and I have been working on the Sunshine 4 All quilts and they are just multiplying before our eyes, and look gorgeous so make sure you visit: site and see them for yourself.

Our last webinar was amazing and totally over booked, so we did put the recording up on our website so those who missed out could view it. Hope we are forgiven now!

Simon is doing well even though he is tired all the time, but looking great. We had a wonderful week-end last week with Simon's children a great time was had by all!

Here they all are, at the Koala Park, just down the road from me. They all look great and so happy.

Well now off for my flu shot, hoping to be back in time to say hi on the webinar.

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