Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Importance of Keeping Fit

For those of you who know me well, know I am an active person, but I never knew active until I started regular exercise. So eight years ago I started walking every morning around three to four kilometers, with my beautiful companion puppy Mz Honey. We have both had surgeries that slowed the walking down for a while, but we never gave up on our walking. I have worn smooth around five pairs of Sketches walking/running shoes. My latest ones are really fabulous - Go-Run in gloriously bright colors!

Over five years ago I also took up Yoga. Yoga is the best,  (it was my Simon who kept saying, 'Mum you would just love Yoga, you should take it up), and take it up I have. I go at least twice a week to class and as of this week, am going three times a week. I can now do poses I thought my body would never do! I want to encourage everyone to take up some sort of exercise and a good starting point is walking and Yoga. Both these exercises help prevent heart attach and stroke, this in its own right is reason enough to start exercise!

Then last year, (prior to Simon's diagnosis) I got a Personal Trainer (PT). I work out with him (David) once a week and work out we do! I also work out three times a week on my own. Talk about addictive, once those Pheromones kick in, you just become addicted! You would be surprised at what I can do now, like plank for 3 minutes, 'death drop' 30 Kilo's more than half my weight, lost 6cm from around my waist and toned up like you would not believe. I now have muscles I never new I had.

So get out there, walk, join a gym and exercise, you will be amazed at the difference it will make to your life!

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