Monday, February 11, 2013

2012 Quilting Academy Graduates - Congratulations

Vintage Pillow

Pink and Green Table runner

Denim Shirt
Well the 2012 Jenny Haskins Academy of Accredited Quilters is finished - Congratulations to all graduates and especially our 10 Master Graduates. Above are the additional projects required to receive not only a graduation blue ribbon but a Masters Cap.

Our feed back has been amazing with everyone commenting on how much they enjoyed the journey, how much the learnt and how great the webinars, videos and directions were. As for me I am over the moon with pride at the accomplishment of the attendees. The standard has been exceptional in craftsmanship and overall color choices. We will be opening up the gallery to the public next week after graduation so everyone can see how clever these amazing woman are.


Congratulations to everyone who completed the required Quilt-a-Lot quilt for the JHAAQ in the allotted time frame!

Lynn Kramer - USA
Linda Ryers - USA
Fiona Osmond - Australia
Charlotte Wright - USA
Venitta McCall - USA
Sheila Godes - USA
Sheri Roach - USA
Dolly Underwood - USA
Keryl Enright - Australia
Robyn Johnston - Australia
Diane Pirtle - USA
Rita Gamela - USA
Carol Bonetti - USA
Terri Brooks - USA
Lani Magnuson - USA
Jo-Allyn Brown – USA
Judy Franklin - USA
Janet Bray - USA
Jean Pierce - USA
Cindy Lucovsky - USA
Edith Goss - Canada
JoAnn Black - USA
Frances DeFer - USA
Kathy Smith - USA
Debbie Shackleton -Australia
Georgi Smith - Australia
Nancy Herring - USA
Maureen Campbell - Australia
Nancy Ranks - USA
Shirley Chiang – USA

Special accolades to our nine Masters who completed all projects!

Bonita Schreiber - USA
Jill Wilcox - Australia
Elaine Pollard - Australia
Karen Hellmund - USA
Michelle Kratzer - USA
Gina Hodges - USA
Judi Archibald - USA
Danise Naffa - Australia
Liz Oberstar – Australia

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