Sunday, April 28, 2013

Catching up and what one artist did with APS

Been a while since I have posted a blog, been pretty busy, sick and the weather in Sydney has been more like summer then winter. The days have been gloriously sunny, and being a 'sun bunny' I have just so enjoyed being out side.

All is exciting at present with our release of Coffee & Cream (go to: to view this stunning rendition of silk, lace, amazing quilting and of course inspiring embroidery designs!

We have also re-released Jenny's Heritage as an eBook on a CD. This is not only a fabulous quilt, but an amazing learning experience, so if you want to create and learn, then this is for you. Not only are the directions for the quilt on the CD, but for fabulous pillows also. So let your creativity fly!

Speaking of creativity, let me introduce Nilda Lebron. Her daughter emailed me that her mum spoke little English but had completed the A Place in the Sun  quilt. She sent me lots of photos so I thought I would share these with you - truly inspirational.

Nilda Lebron

Nilda used a decorative stitch to cover the Jenny Join. The results are stunning - one would not think these were seams rather a fabulous decorative addition A Place in the Sun

Bakc of quilt and pillows. Nilda made pillows - scalloped borders and all from her sample stitch-outs!

Nilda's version of A Place in the Sun  - front view - love the colors Congratulations Nilda  

Front of quilt on bed and matching pillows!

I love seeing what artists do with our designs - this is simply the best. A Place in the Sun quilt is entirely quilted and embroidered in the hoop (with built-in-stitch cutting lines). There is no chance of error - so if you have a 7 1/2in square hoop or larger this is a must for you!


  1. That's my aunt. I'm SUPER PROUD of her. That's is some AWESOME work!

  2. That's my aunt. I'm SUPER PROUD of her. That's is some AWESOME work!